US-Russia talks. Żurawski vel Grajewski: To arm Ukraine

On January 10, after nearly 8 hours, the US-Russian talks, which took place as part of the so-called dialogue on strategic stability. Diplomats explained their positions on the Kremlin’s proposal to create a new security architecture in Europe. The discussion took place in the context of the mobilization of around 100,000. Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine.

At the moment there is no breakthrough in Russia’s talks with the West. The Kremlin responded sharply to the suggestions of a US State Department spokesman, who said that Russian soldiers stationed in the border areas with Ukraine should “return to the barracks”.

US-Russia talks.

The political scientist said on Polish Radio 24 that these were talks about a third country without the participation of the person concerned himself. In this context, he referred to the formula of the Munich Agreement of 1938.

“The Americans have publicly stated that the Russian postulates do not provide a basis for starting talks, but these talks are ongoing,” he said, pointing out that this, in turn, was an optimistic sign.

The political scientist assessed that due to the low level of the talks, it was not expected that they would end with decisions. “These were rather talks informing both sides of their starting positions,” he said.

– The very fact of the Americans taking up the talks is disturbing, as they create the impression of readiness to reward Putin for blackmailing NATO with a massive attack on Ukraine – emphasized Żurawski vel Grajewski.

Żurawski vel Grajewski: To arm Ukraine

– The reaction should be to arm Ukraine. Keeping in mind how the aggressors react, which was shown to the West in the early 1990s, when the freezing of arms supplies to the former Yugoslavia, at the same time preserved the advantage of the then federal army over Croatia and provoked a war. (…) Therefore, a step towards preventing the outbreak of war is not what Germany is doing, i.e. preventing the supply of weapons, but quite the opposite – striving to minimize the potential difference so that the aggressor has to reckon with the fact that it will not go easy.

Later in the broadcast, the political scientist emphasized that the verbally hard stance of the US would have a stronger dimension last year than it is today. He pointed out that the series of concessions by the West, including the United States, and the way of withdrawing from Afghanistan do not have a positive effect on deterring the Russians.

On January 12, another round of talks between Russia and Western countries will take place. This time in the formula of the NATO-Russia Council, which is a forum for consultations on security-related issues.

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