USA: ‘American citizens leave Russia immediately’. Peskov: ‘Special operation continues until Donetsk is fully liberated’

After the vote ai illegal referendums for the annexation to Russia of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia And Kherson, the Federation needs men at the front even more to strengthen defense in those areas. Thus, while hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the country Vladimir Putin decided to open a recruiting center on the border with Georgiaone of the countries of destination for those fleeing the partial mobilization ordered by the president. “The agents at the border crossing of Verkhniy Lars they will be in charge of summoning ‘citizens of enlistment age’ ”, the British broadcaster said, adding that satellite images show long queues of cars at the Caucasian border. A trend that also worries the American government which, through its embassy in the Federation, invites all its citizens to “Leave Russia immediately”using the “limited options” of commercial transportation still available.

“American citizens must not go to Russia and anyone who is already traveling or is a resident should leave immediately”, reads the security alert published today on the website of the Washington Embassy in Moscow, which warns that after “the Russian government has begun to mobilize its citizens in the army in support of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia may refuse to recognize dual citizenship for Americans, denying them access to consular assistance, preventing them from leaving Russia and recruiting citizens with dual citizenship ”.

Meanwhile, Moscow also makes it known that will no longer issue passports to people called to the draft: “If a citizen has already been called for military service or received a summons (for mobilization or military service), he will be denied an international passport”, reads the government portal. All this while the first conscripts were sent to the field to give support and respite to the Federation troops engaged in the conflict for over 7 months. “The reception of personnel called to partial mobilization has begun in the Russian occupation forces. For example, reinforcements have arrived for the units of the First Tank Regiment, Second Motorized Rifle Division of the First Tank Army, which are deployed in combat zones. They have not done any training. Furthermore, the Russians are continuing the so-called ‘self-mobilization’ measures at the same time as the partial mobilization. People convicted of criminal offenses have come to reinforce the units that are already fighting in Ukraine ”, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces know in the usual daily report. Despite this, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovannounced that the ‘special operation’ will go on “at least when we have not fully liberated the Donetsk region”.

If reinforcement troops arrive on the Russian front, the Ukrainian one prepares to receive another maxi-supply of weapons. Sources of the administration of Washington cited by Reuters talk about a new package being studied by 1.1 billion which includes i Himars anti-missile systems already sent to the Kiev forces in the past, ammunition and various types of anti-drone radar systems. Added to this are the new sanctions that the White House is preparing in response to the referendums. From the Poland instead comes another warning to the Kremlin in case of using the atomic weapon. The Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Raustated that the response of the Born would be “devastating”. In an interview with the talk show of the Nbc ‘Meet the Press’ the minister, visiting a Washingtonwarned that if Putin uses the atomic bomb, NATO will react “in a conventional way, therefore not using a nuclear weapon, but the answer will be devastating. This is the message the Alliance is sending to Russia right now ”.

The outcome, predictable according to data circulated on Tuesday, of the unilaterally held referendums in the Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian army is expected. All the regions concerned have asked to be “annexed” to Russia. “On September 28, the authorities of the Zaporizhzhia region will turn to Putin with the request to accept the region in the Russian Federation”, reads the launch that quotes the manager of the pro-Russian regional authorities Vladimir Rogov. The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrellsaid the referendum results were “falsified” and that the consultations themselves were “illegal”: “This is a new violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in a context of systematic violations of human rights. We salute the courage of the Ukrainians who continue to oppose and resist the Russian invasion ”.

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