USA: An icy geyser on a ski slope [WIDEO]

One skier damaged a water hydrant under the hood. Immediately a large geyser was formed, spouting icy water directly at people riding in chairs.

High pressure, low water temperature and freezing temperatures made some skiers decide to escape from the lift by jumping from a height of several meters.

In an interview with ABC television, one of the injured women says that the situation was more dangerous than it appears from the published film. “I have bruises from head to toe – some big, some small, just all over my body. I don’t want to blame anyone, I just want people to know it was more serious than it looks.”

In a press statement, Beech Mountain Ski Resort said several people were injured and two of them were taken to hospital. Center managers say they reacted immediately when they received information about the incident. They cut off the water supply and helped the skiers get off the lift.

However, Internet users are wondering why, after moving the chair with the skier, who was in the middle of the water stream, the lift continued to go forward, so that other people also found themselves in trouble.

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