USA. Foreign travelers must be tested the day before flying to the USA

The changes in force from Monday are intended to limit the spread of the Omikron coronavirus variant. According to the journal this can frustrate many people’s travel plans.

The regulations, according to the journal, also complicate the holiday plans of Americans who live outside the United States as well foreigners hoping to travel to the US around Christmas and New Years.

– writes “NYT”.

He cites, inter alia, statement by 24-year-old August Dichter, who said on Monday that he had spent up to three hours trying to figure out how to comply with the new sanitation orders before the scheduled flight from London to Philadelphia for Thursday.

Health experts urge caution, because little is still known about the Omikron variant sequenced less than two weeks ago in South Africa.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also pointed out in Sunday’s program “This Week” on ABC News. “What we don’t yet know is how quickly (Omikron) is transferred, how effective our vaccines will be, and whether the virus will lead to more serious disease,” Walensky stressed.

The tightening of sanitation regulations coincided with a period in which Americans travel a lot; most trips since February 2020 have been made on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – reported the Transport Safety Authority (TSA.)

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