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Maine’s high court decided Wednesday to overturn a decision by Secretary of State Shenna Bellows to exclude former President Donald Trump from the state’s Republican primary. Until the Federal Supreme Court ruled on his eligibility to hold office. Attack on the Capitol.

Judge Michaela Murphy has determined that state voters will be able to cast their ballots for the mogul on March 5, the date of the primary election. She argued that if the Supreme Court ends legal proceedings before that date, Bellows is obligated under state law to issue a new ruling.

Murphy was appointed to the position in 2007 by a Democratic governor and later reappointed by Republican Paul LePage, a Trump supporter. In Maine, such decisions first go through the secretary of state, but can then be appealed in state court, CNN reported.

Trump appealed the decision in January

It comes after former President Trump appealed the decision in early January, calling Bellows a “biased legislator” who “failed to provide due process of law” and “made multiple legal errors.” .

Bellows assured that he “did not come to this conclusion lightly,” though he made the decision because he “used false narratives of election fraud to inflame his supporters and lead them to House of Parliament”.

“Democracy is sacred (…) I know of no Secretary of State who has ever deprived a presidential candidate of the right to be on the ballot under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment,” he stressed in his December decision.

Maine became the second state to exclude Trump from a state primary under the protection of the 14th Amendment, which bars anyone who takes an oath to the Constitution and engages in insurrection from ever holding public office again.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to have to address the issue, as other states — such as Michigan or Minnesota — have already rejected this position. Before Maine, the Colorado Supreme Court issued a surprising ruling that kicked Republicans out of the election.

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