USA. It was near paralysis of the state. The Senate voted in the provisional budget

– I am pleased to inform the Americans that the state remains open – said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate after the vote Chuck Schumer.

69 senators voted for the extension of the fundingand against was 28. Earlier on Thursday the resolution was passed by the House of Representatives. The makeshift will now go to the president’s deskwho announced that he would sign them.

Congress passed the bill the day before the cut-off date on Friday at midnight. If this failed, the work of most government agencies, other than the most key state institutions, would be halted. It is the second provisional decision passed this year. The new provisional extension of the current budget adds an additional $ 7 billion to help Afghan refugees.

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The vote came even though some Republicans had originally threatened to block the expedited vote, demanding that vaccine enforcement funds be removed from the bill for employees of companies with more than 100 employees. Ultimately, the Senate rejected this proposal by a vote of 50-48. Even so, the fate of the ban is uncertain as it was temporarily blocked by courts while several state lawsuits against the regulation were examined.

Voting does not solve all current problems related to state finances. By December 15, Congress must also pass a law that suspends or increases the debt limit to avoid default and financial crisis.


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