USA: Joe Biden intends to run for re-election

– Yes. This is his intention – said Psaki when asked about Biden’s participation in the next presidential election. A spokeswoman spoke to journalists aboard Air Force One during the US President’s trip to the Thanksgiving celebration with US troops in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

On Friday, 79-year-old Biden underwent a comprehensive examination for the first time since taking up his position. The health of the US president has been the subject of discussions and attacks by Republicans and former President Donald Trump from the beginning of his term of office. Republican congressmen, including former White House chief physician Ronny Jackson, have repeatedly called on Biden to undergo cognitive function tests, suggesting he has dementia.

US President Joe Biden remains healthy and fit for the continuation of his function, the president’s doctor said on Friday in a letter published by the White House. The doctor admitted that the president still suffered from previously diagnosed cardiac arrhythmias and difficulties in walking.

O’Connor stressed that a detailed neurological examination did not reveal any central nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke in the president. The routine colonoscopy – which was the reason why Vice President Kamala Harris was handed over for 85 minutes – showed no disturbing changes.

The doctor revealed that Biden was taking anticoagulants (apixaban), statins (a cholesterol-lowering drug), as well as anti-allergic agents and a drug to relieve gastric reflux.

According to a poll published last week for the Politico portal, 48 percent. Americans believe that the president is not mentally fit enough to perform his function, and only 40 percent. believes that she is in good health.


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