Usa, man armed with rifle tries to enter an FBI office. He wanted to avenge the searches of Trump’s mansion

Is called Ricky Shiffer the “domestic terrorist suspect»Who, armed with an AR-15 rifle, would have tried to enter the office of Cincinnati ofFbi before being killed by the police. The agents are now investigating for more information on this man to whom the law enforcement agencies they shot after a short escape. As stated by the Washington PostShiffer was a war veteran who has fought in Iraq for the Navy from June 1998 to that of 2003. In addition, he would spend another three years in the National Guard of the Floria between May 2008 and that of 2011. In the same year, he was honorably discharged from the Department of Defense. As reported by an Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson, he had raised a gun against agents. From the first investigations carried out on his social profiles of him, it seems that he had posted hate messages against the Agency after the house search a Mar-a-Lago by Donald Trump.

As reported Abc newsin one of these messages Shiffer allegedly invoked a “War” against the FBI also speaking of killing agents “on sight”. Furthermore, from the photos you shared it appears that she was also present at the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Now posts and messages have been deleted. The unprecedented search in Trump’s residence in Florida would have triggered a wave of messages and threats alluding to potentials violent attacks. Shiffer, therefore, wasn’t the only one posting on Twitter and TruthSocial in particular about a phantom war. Trump Media & Technology Group, the company that founded TruthSocial, would not answer questions from the Abc.

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