USA. People laughed at the sight of his nose. The surgeon changed his life

Conrado Estrada, 57-year-old New Yorker, evoked various reactions with his appearance – from mocking laughter to embarrassed glances. The cause of the man’s suffering was his nose, which was deceptively similar to the male genitals. Facial deformity was caused by a rare condition called nasal tuberosity [inaczej rhinophyma – rozrost tkanek nosa spowodowany nadmiernym przerostem gruczołów łojowych wraz z rozrostem tkanki łącznej – red. ].

Conrado did not expect his life to be completely changed by meeting Thomas Romo, a plastic surgeon. The 57-year-old did painting work at a doctor’s home in Bronxville. One day the surgeon was intrigued by the deformity in Conrado’s face and decided to help him.

“It looked like he had a penis on his nose,” the doctor told Fox News.

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