USA. Shakespeare’s theater will stage a musical with Britney Spears songs

Euripides, Shakespeare, Molière, Ibsen and … Britney Spears. The esteemed American Shakespeare Theater Company will stage the first ever pop musical.

– Shakespeare and Spears rolled into one. It promises to be magical – according to the Washington Post, Simon Godwin, the artistic director of the Shakespeare Theater Company, was to shout about the idea of ​​staging a musical based on the hits of a pop star. Originally a musical based on Britney Spears songs, it was planned to be staged in Chicago last year, but the pandemic completely thwarted the creators’ plans.

Britney Spears, or pop for the first time

The Shakespeare Theater Company, operating in Washington, is one of the most respected theaters in America. Established in the 1970s, today it has an established reputation among viewers and critics. Among the awards he received are, among others special Tony Award (theatrical equivalent of Oscar) awarded for artistic and educational activities. The Economist claims it is one of the best Shakespearean theaters in the world, while the New York Times wrote that no classic New York theater can match the repertoire of the Shakespeare Theater.= “# anchorlink”>

And this one consists mainly of works by Shakespeare, but also Euripides, Ibsen, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. Now Britney Spears has joined this noble list. Never before in its history has the Shakespeare Theater Company reached for pop. The performance based on the book “Once Upon a One More Time” by writer and screenwriter Jon Hartmere is to be assisted by Broadway specialists who know musicals like no other.

From Washington to Broadway to Hollywood

The premiere of “Once Upon a One More Time” is scheduled for the end of November this year. The performance will be staged in the main seat of the theater in a hall for almost 800 spectators. After two months, the musical will most likely be moved to Broadway. Hollywood, on the other hand, is tempted to make a movie out of the musical. The show will feature Britney Spears’ hits, including “Oops! … I Did It Again” and “Toxic”.

The scenario of the performance is not fully known yet, but it is known that it is to contain fairy-tale and feminist threads – a group of fairy-tale characters, incl. Cinderella and Snow White, set up a Book Club to read together and discuss important matters. According to the aforementioned Simon Godwin, the performance will be realized with an idea, intellectual discipline. “This will by no means be just a bunch of hits,” says Godwin, and cites the musical Mamma Mia! As a point of reference, with an extensive storyline that started with an Abby song.

After the scandals, it’s time for music and dreams

For the artist herself and for her fans, the news about the musical can be a nice change after the last few months, when Spears was written and talked about rather in the context of scandals, rumors, and lawsuits. Two months ago, the movie “Who framed Britney Spears?” Was released on streaming services, about which Jarek Szubrycht wrote: Contrary to appearances, it is not a story of a conflict between a popular singer and her own father, but a sad story about the price that America’s favorite paid for her success. Who knows, maybe the success of the musical will provoke the singer to record another album. It will be five years from the last release, Glory. For now, the artist is delighted with the musical idea. – I am happy that my songs were an inspiration for the creation of a performance set in a fairy-tale world and whose protagonists are the characters I grew up on, whom I love and admire. My dream is coming true – said the singer last year.

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