USA. The Republican congressman was threatened with death because he voted for the infrastructure bill

  • The politician suggested that this was the result of the actions of his party friend, who called him a “traitor”
  • Michigan congressman says he has received a sea of ​​messages from voters – mostly outside his constituency – after being called to it by controversial Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  • The politician named the 13 Republicans who voted in favor of the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment package “traitors” and posted the telephone numbers of their offices
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“It’s tragic, especially if it leads to violence. We’re just dealing with a polarized, toxic atmosphere. It’s worse than ever,” said Upton, quoted in the Detroit News.

In one message from a South Carolina voter published by CNN, callers wished the congressman and his entire family dead, calling him “traitor” and “garbage.”

Upton explained that he voted for the bill – which is one of the pillars of President Joe Biden’s program – because both America and its state need infrastructure renewed. He also pointed out that in the Senate the bill was supported by 19 out of 50 Republican senators, including the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell.

Nevertheless, Taylor Greene was not the only one who harshly criticized her party colleagues for supporting the project. Former President Donald Trump on Sunday condemned voters for the bill, saying that “all Republicans who voted for the long-lived Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.” Congressman Anthony Sabatini said Republicans voting for the bill should be removed from the party. And according to the Punchbowl News portal, some party politicians are demanding that their colleagues be deprived of their functions in committees.

The adoption of the infrastructure investment package was the goal of Donald Trump’s presidency for four years, but his proposals were never voted by Congress. Trump and other Republicans have criticized the current bill mainly for “waste” and the fact that it will increase public debt by more than $ 250 billion.

The law passed last week envisages spending in the range of $ 1.2 trillion. for 7 years, incl. for road repairs, the largest ever investments in the development of railways, reconstruction of the power network, extension of the broadband internet network and replacement of lead water pipes.

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