USA. The White House maintains that the risk of Russia invading Ukraine is high

– The intelligence community has not made an assessment that Russia has definitely decided to take military action in Ukraine. So the current situation is that Russia still has a chance to come to the table and address the very real concerns we presented, Sullivan said at a press conference in the White House on Thursday.

In this way, the adviser summed up a series of talks that took place with Russia in Geneva and at the NATO-Russia and OSCE forums. The representative of the White House declared that the USA is ready to discuss, inter alia, on restrictions on military exercises, but they do not intend to reduce the presence of their troops in Europe.

Referring to statements by Kremlin representatives signaling that further discussions would be broken, Sullivan said that the US and allies were prepared for all scenarios. The risk of invasion still remains high, he added. He also stated that the US services had information that the Russians were preparing a provocation to serve as a pretext for intervention in Ukraine through sabotage or disinformation. He announced that he would pass some of this information to the press within the next 24 hours.

“We saw the actions of this handbook in 2014. Now they are preparing this scenario again,” said Sullivan.

President’s advisor Joe Biden also reiterated earlier announcements about the readiness to impose severe sanctions against Russia, including restrictions against the Russian financial system, as well as control of exports of key goods necessary for the functioning of “fundamental, strategic industry in Russia”. Other consequences will be the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank and a “dramatic” increase in military aid to Ukraine.

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