USA. Theft from a movie. About 100 people raided the Nordstrom store

“Dozens of looters flocked to the Nordstrom store on Saturday night to steal the merchandise,” NBC News reported, citing local police. The robbery was over in a minute.

One store employee was sprayed with pepper spray and two others were beaten. All three suffered minor injuries.

ABC News claims that up to 100 attackers could have participated in the robbery.

It took place just before closing the store before 21. It is not known yet how many goods have fallen prey to thieves.

NBC reporter Jodi Hernandez, who was in the vicinity of Nordstrom, tweeted that some 25 cars had blocked the street during the incident. In her opinion, most of the looters escaped.

The video she made at the scene shows policemen arresting and handcuffing some of the alleged perpetrators. One of the officers aims his gun at the driver involved in the robbery.

An employee of a nearby restaurant, Brett Barrett, told NBC that he had spotted 50 to 80 people with crowbars wearing ski masks.

– I had to start closing the front door, the back door. You never know, they could also have entered here – he assessed.

According to the police, three people have been arrested. Two were detained on the spot for robbery, conspiracy, break-in and possession of stolen property. One of them is to hear the accusation of possessing a gun. A third person was arrested shortly after the incident.

NBC News noted that Walnut Creek Police said the incident was not related to a series of protests across the country over the acquittal of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday in the trial to kill two rioters against police brutality and injuring a third. This took place in August 2020.

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