USA: Tragedy at the Waukesha Christmas Parade. The SUV ran into the crowd

More than 20 people were injured when a speeding car hit the parade that kicked off the Christmas season in Waukesha, Wisconsin. According to unofficial information, up to 40 people may have been injured, and at least one person has died. The suspect was arrested, but the motives are so far unknown.

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Videos shown on American TV stations and posted on social media show a red Ford SUV driving at high speed into a parade marching through the streets of Waukesha, a town on the outskirts of Milwaukee.

Hitting people, the driver did not brake. Witnesses also mention gun shots, but it is unclear whether the gun was used by the driver or the police.

Waukesha Police are in possession of the perpetrator’s car. An investigation is ongoing. Victims are transported by ambulances to hospitals. It is a very tragic event, ”said Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson. Dan Thompson later reported that the “suspect person” was detained, as was her vehicle. He added that the perpetrator’s motive was so far unknown and it was not yet known whether the attack was an act of terrorism.

In one of the videos posted on social media, you can see the police probably fired at a vehicle that ran over street barriers. A woman who attended the parade told Fox6 that the SUV hit a dance team made up of 9 to 15-year-old girls.

The Waukesha Police Chief said there was no additional threat at this time. Local authorities, however, urge residents to avoid the city center.

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