USD / PLN exchange rate – currency quotations, November 24, 2021

Dollar exchange rate above PLN 4. On Wednesday, November 24, 2021, the USD / PLN exchange rate is PLN 4.1583, which is a drop of 0.4551%.

In addition to the euro, pound, yen and Swiss franc, the dollar is one of the main convertible currencies around the world. For years, the position of the dollar as the global currency in which the lion’s share of financial transactions takes place has been stable. Its dominance began in 1944, in line with the Bretton Woods Conference, where the dollar was the only currency convertible into gold.

The dollar, although it has no official title, remains the world’s main reserve currency. According to IMF data, in 2020 the US currency accounted for approx. 60 percent. central bank reserves in the world. However, Russia and China are already thinking about dethroning the popular “green”. Opening a Chinese capital account could create a currency that could compete with the US dollar for reserve status. For the time being, however, the dollar is the main benchmark for global sentiment.

USD / PLN. Dollar Exchange Rate – November 24, 2021

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