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from Fabrizio Dragosei

The speech of the Russian president: «We defend our existence against the Nazis. The West is blinded by its superiority “

He compares the West and above all the United States to the Nazis and repeats his vision of the world with Russia as a victim that has always been at the center of the attention of its enemies, who even want to prevent its survival. Speaking of the expansion of NATOwhich he said would have provoked the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has long entertained the guests of the cwithin Valdai, a kind of Russian propaganda club who gathers to listen to the thought of the great Chief.

“It is the West that wants to limit the growth of other companies” and impose its own model on everyone in order “to expand the market for its products.”

The decision taken by many countries to cancel the cultural events they involve Russia is seen by Putin in the same way as Nazi actions “When books were burned in the square”. This, however, just as his own parliament approved at first reading a law to prohibit any reference (“propaganda” is defined) to LGBT activities not only in communications aimed at young people but also in those towards adults.

To the participants in the conference who were constantly being filmed by Russian TV while nodding with conviction, Putin explained that it is not only Russia that is a victim of the West which, in reality, “wants to unilaterally govern the whole globe”. It is the old Soviet vision that for years had led the USSR to be treated with sympathy by many countries of the so-called Third World. To which, of course, Moscow ensured substantial economic aid. And today Putin wants to present himself as champion “of all the others” who do not accept to “undergo the unipolar system that the West imagined after having declared himself the winner following the dissolution of the USSR”.

Referring even to Lenin (whom in other respects he often criticizes), the president said that the world situation is “practically revolutionary”with all the countries that in the next decade will break away from the supremacy of the US and Europe, “will abandon the use of the dollar” and thus prosper.

As usual, the judgment on the sanctions applied against Russia is contradictory. On the one hand they are indicated as instrument of that dominion that the West exercises over the world. On the other hand, Moscow seems to be getting out of this situation very well, with “the industry developing and companies managing to perfectly replace the products that no longer arrive”.

Putin then ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine: «We don’t need an atomic attack in Ukraine. It would make no sense either from a political or a military point of view“. The Russian doctrine, on the other hand, provides for the use of weapons of mass destruction only in the face of the danger of disintegration of the state structure itself.

He then insisted on the theory of Kiev’s possible realization of a “dirty bomb”. And he said he was happy with the fact that the International Nuclear Agency is about to send an inspection to Ukraine. He vehemently rejected the accusations against him of having opened fire on the Zaporizhzhia power plant: «Are we crazy? Our troops are watching over the plant! ».

Solzhenitsyn and dissident Zinoviev were also mentioned in his speech. From the great writer he took up the accusation against the West of being “blinded by his own superiority”.

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