Used car, check the headlights immediately before buying it: it could be a scam

When you go to buy a used car, you have to pay attention to the small details, because car dealers, in order to sell their vehicles, put into practice tricks that tell a lot.

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Today it turns out that it is not true that all that glitters is gold. For this reason, before signing the purchase contract for a used machineeven if at a super advantageous price, you have to check some little things which is generally not given particular importance.

For example, it is essential to know, or discover, if the car has been in an accident and then arranged as best as possible to hide the harsh truth. The retailer may declare this as well as it might even hide it. Yet we know, the cars normally circulate on the roadso it can happen that these become involved in minor or important claims, and then be introduced in the salon market or privately.

Important information to request from the used machine dealer, here’s what to pay attention to

Those who do not ask for particular information may sometimes never even know that the car was damaged in the past. An accident does not necessarily have to affect the side e therefore appear evident. The result of a claim is not always a bruise.

The car, it can also suffer minor damage that hide easily, because they are easily solved. For example, with regard to the headlight, this can be replaced practically without attracting attention. Same thing goes for the fender which can be repainted. In this case, as in general in the case of the entire bodywork, the only way to understand that something is wrong is to pay attention to detail. That is, if the paint is not perfect but the classic orange peel effect is present, then something is wrong.

As for the headlights, they may have been replaced following an impact. In this case just check the date of production to find out the previous history of the vehicle.

Internal and external clues to the medium

Passing inside, if the plastics that cover the pedals they are like new then they have probably been replaced because they are worn out. This could mean that the car has no royals km declared but many more and that it is a more than exploited machine. The wheels, then, can provide particular information on the state of health of the vehicle.

If they have any cuts or bulges, then it is certain that they have suffered a heavy impact. At this point in the expense an additional second must be considered, which involves the replacement of the wheels. A driving test can come in handy to understand what the conditions of the vehicle are, at the level of mechanics. A keen eye can solve hundreds of problems. The first rule is to read the labels and codes paying attention to their status. Torn or overlapping labels they can indicate something wrong, as well as those just attached.

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