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Iuri Maria Prado

To those of right he is accused of saying it halfway about fascism, that is, they would never be clear and complete in condemning it and would resort to ambiguous declarations of anti-totalitarianism by putting together, in a single cauldron of reproach, oppressive experiments of different sign. Even if the accusation were well founded, it could be rightly directed to those who make it. Apart from the fact that the Communist has no way of bending his back and recognizing that he has supported, justified, defended and fought to see the most frightening repressive system in the history of humanity implemented, there is also that punctually, when you blame him, that you oppose the slavery of blacks, the indians, capitalist exploitation, Vietnam, multinationals, Big Pharma, Iraq, the CIA, the arms lobby, PinochetIsrael, the Palestinians, the Amazon Indians, the Watergatethe Ku Klux Klan, the homeless and Wall Street, Hollywood and the dispossessed, Nike and the children of Southeast Asia who make shoes and footballs for a dollar a day and so on in the list of the horrors of the Western system that in any case guarantees the month …

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To which you stop him and tell him: yes, okay, the West is absolute evil, but in a parenthesis you put the concentration and re-education camps of the socialist paradises? The dissidents in prison or directly killed?

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The devastated and miserable economies, the absence of any freedom, the censorship, the technological backwardness of which those infamous systems shine: do you want to say something about it or are they going to cavalry because in America there is income inequality? This country has not dealt with fascism (none of the thirteen professors who refused the oath to the regime is a father of the republican homeland, while those who wrote to defence of the breed). And the anti-fascism of this country is the result of that failed account. Not joining it is a kind of civil duty.

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