Vaccination obligation in Austria from February, the chancellor upholds earlier decisions

2022-01-11 21:37

2022-01-11 21:37

Vaccination obligation in Austria from February, the chancellor upholds earlier decisions
Vaccination obligation in Austria from February, the chancellor upholds earlier decisions
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Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer (OeVP) upholds earlier decisions regarding the entry into force of the vaccination obligation against Covid-19 from February 1. “From my point of view, there is no doubt that compulsory vaccination is necessary,” Nehammer said on Tuesday.

The chancellor has been at home since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus last Friday. “Thanks to the vaccination, I am doing well, so far my infection has been very mild,” Nehammer said in an interview with APA. The chancellor was vaccinated with three doses.

“I am fully able to work,” emphasized the Chancellor, who is in constant contact with his cabinet and members of the government. On Monday he participated in a remote meeting of the Council of Ministers. In the meantime, he arranged a home office on the dining room table, “because it is the largest table in our apartment and holds most of the documents on it” – describes Puls24.

On Monday, the parliament ended its opinion on the draft on compulsory vaccinations. In this case, “tens of thousands of statements were received, including identical statements from opponents of vaccinations.” It was time to check and take into account the “serious objections”.

Nehammer once again confirmed that the project would be carried out: “From my point of view, there is no doubt about the necessity of compulsory vaccination,” he said. Currently, in the parliamentary process, it is only necessary to “fine-tune” the law. The Chancellor does not plan to postpone the date of its introduction.

Nehammer backed off the idea of ​​paying financial incentives to those who choose to be vaccinated. Experts felt that this was an ineffective method and that, instead of withdrawing cash, “you need a package of measures”. On Tuesday, checks on 2G certificates (certificate of vaccination or coronavirus disease) in retail trade were tightened.

“Compliance with these measures is now imperative in order to prevent a lockdown as effectively as possible,” warned Nehammer, adding that the next lockdown was a “last resort”. He stressed that the possible closure of kindergartens or schools would be “treated very seriously”.

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