Vaccinations in Italy. Palazzo Adriano – a town where over 100 percent of people were vaccinated

The unusual way of a vaccination campaign has led to the Sicilian town of Palazzo Adriano to boast of being fully vaccinated. The Guardian reported that it exceeded this indicator by 104 percent. “All we had to do was remind everyone we met to vaccinate,” explains the city councilor. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages also had to agree to this proposal.

Palazzo Adriano is a town of about 2,100 people in the province of Palermo in Sicily. It is one of 5,500 Italian villages with less than five thousand inhabitants. Most of them are struggling with an aging society – young residents leave their families in search of work in larger cities or other countries. Given the average age of over 60, villages – with the onset of the epidemic – felt a pang of fear: if COVID-19 would spread, it could result in more villages disappearing from the Italian map – describes the British “The Guardian”.

– In March last year, we feared the worst – admits 54-year-old councilor Salvatore Spata in an interview with the correspondent of the daily. – The nun and the priest who came to us from another city did not know that they were infected. An epidemic arose because they infected a few inhabitants. There were sixteen of them in total – he recalls.


Strategic square

When the vaccination campaign began, residents took advantage of the relationship between families and neighbors. Their focus was on the square in the center of Palazzo Adriano. – At least one representative of each family passes through this square every day. We used it, describes Spata. All we had to do was remind everyone we met to vaccinate. The next day, this person and their relatives showed up for the vaccination, he explains.

“People have realized that thanks to vaccines, they are creating a shield that will protect their community,” comments Palazzo Mayor Adriano Nicolo Grana.

In this way, all the inhabitants of the Sicilian town were vaccinated. And not only. The Guardian reports that the vaccination rate there was 104 percent. “It seems like an unbelievable statistic,” Grana admits. “But in fact, those who live in our city were also vaccinated here, even though they are not official residents and people from neighboring villages,” he explained. Hence the result.

One of the streets in Palazzo Adriano

“We live and function with complete peace of mind”

Nicolo Grana spoke to the TVN24 editorial office at the beginning of November. Among other things, he was asked if there were people who were unconvinced about vaccinations in the town. As he said – they were. But for them, the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of vaccination against the coronavirus was the party for the vaccinated, after which no one got sick.

– We quickly organized a local vaccination point, enlisted the help of the army and civil defense. It worked, admitted Grana. “We live and function with complete peace,” he concluded.

The concerns were also answered by a specially created group on the Internet communicator. “We responded to false information there and assured the safety of vaccines,” the mayor now recalls. “I am convinced that if we allowed the spread of erroneous information, we would tell a different story today,” he says.

There are many towns in Italy where the vaccination rate is equally high. For example, in Brinzio in the province of Varese it is almost 97 percent (with 789 inhabitants), and in Preman in the province of Lecco it is 100 percent (with about 2,000 inhabitants), the Guardian concludes.

On Saturday, 645 new cases of coronavirus infections were reported in Sicily. 61 cases of infection have been identified in the Palermo region alone.

Main photo source: TVN24

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