VALENCIA-ATALANTA Landslide Tires Madone 2-1


The challenge valid for the Naranja Trophy between ValenciaAtalanta on will be promoted exclusively by LANDSCAPE RUBBER MADONE. Frana Gomme, known in the sector since the early eighties, is a point of reference for all those motorists and motorcyclists who care about their own safety and that of those around them. Located in Via Pizzo del Diavolo, 6 – Madone \ info 035 995136 |

Naranja Trophy

Stadium, Mestalla
Saturday 6 August 2022, 9 pm

Valencia 2-1 Atalanta
Scorers: 43 ′ pt Hugo Duro (V); Éderson 8 ′ st (A); 36 ‘st Duro (V)

Valencia: Mamardashvili, Thierry, Musah, Hugo, Soler, Castillejo, Diakhaby, Gaya, Lino, Hugo Duro, Comert. Available: Domenech, Rivero, Lato, Racic, Koba, Foulquier, Manu Vallejo, Facu, Fran Perez, Vazquez, Cristhian, Yellu, Tiago. Coach: Gennaro Gattuso.

Atalanta (3-4-2-1): Musso; De Roon, Okoli, Toloi; Hateboer, Koopmeiners, Scalvini, Mahle; Ederson, Muriel; Zapata. Available: Rossi, Sportiello, Boga, Freuler, Malinovskyi, Djimsiti, Zortea, Ruggeri, Miranchuk, Pašalić. Coach: Gian Piero Gasperini.

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50 ‘After 5’ of extra time the game ends
49 ′ Boga tries, but the goalkeeper makes the ball his own.
45 ′ I also change in Atalanta: Ruggeri enters, Mæhle comes out.
44 ′ Change in Valencia: Duro comes out, Vallejo enters.
40 ′ Valencia tries again, but the ball kicked by Perez ends up far from the goal.
36 ′ Valencia again in the lead thanks to Duro’s goal.
34 ′ Three changes in Atalanta: Djimsiti, Boga and Miranchuk enter, Ederson, Toloi and Zapata come out.
33 ′ Musso decisive to deflect Soler’s conclusion.
31 ′ Substitution also in Atalanta: Zortea enters, Hateboer comes out.
31 ′ Change in Valencia: Cristhian enters, Comert comes out.
28 ′ Cooling break.
24 ′ Great recovery of de Roon who in a slip deflects for a corner.
23 ′ Another substitution in Valencia: Fran Perez enters, Castillejo comes out.
19 ‘Double change also in Valencia: Foulquier and Vazquez enter, Lino and Gaya leave.
18 ′ Musso again decisive: the Atalantino stretches and deflects the improssive conclusion from outside the area of ​​Lino.
16 ′ Timely exit of Musso who pretends on soler and makes him waste time to finish.
8 ′ GOOOOOOL !!! Éderson equalized with a great goal! 1-1! GO ON LIKE THIS!
4 ‘Lino shooting with a ball deflected for a corner by Toloi. From the corner served Musah tries, but the ball ends up on the side.
1 ′ Immediately a conclusion from Malinovskyi, but the ball deflected.
1 ′ Two changes in Atalanta: on the field Malinovskyi and Pašalić, Muriel and Scalvini came out.
1 ‘Teams on the field for the second 45’ of the game.

49 ′ After 3 ′ abundant recovery the first half ends.
43 ′ Advantage of Valencia with Hugo Duro.
41 ′ Nice offensive action by the Nerazzurri and this time it is Valencia who risk their own goal, but the ball ends up on the bottom.
38 ‘Diagonal by Lino and the ball on the side.
30 ′ Muriel still dangerous on a free kick, but also this time the ball ends up a little high.
27 ‘Cooling break.
25 ′ The Nerazzurri risk their own goal due to a deviation from Toloi on a shot by Musah, but the ball stops on the crossbar.
23 ′ Muriel’s punishment outside the area and the ball that ends up a little high.
20 ‘Hosts still dangerous with a conclusion from the edge of Lino that ends up high.
6 ′ Soler tries with a low shot that musso makes his own.
3 ′ Again the hosts, but also in this case the ball on the bottom.
1 ‘Valencia immediately dangerous, but ball on the bottom.
1 ′ The match has started

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