Valentine’s Day gift? “THE GUY SHOULD SPEND MORE.” That’s what Cardi B says!

Cardi B
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What to buy for Valentine’s Day? How much should a gift for a loved one or loved one cost? Many people before the Valentine’s Day are faced with the problem of buying a gift, at the sight of which the heart of the other half will kill more. Meanwhile, Cardi B has her own theory … I wonder if you can agree with her.

Cardi B she has hit the male part of her fans a lot by saying that guys have a duty to spend more money on Valentine’s Day gifts than girls. Some of her fans also disagree with the rapper’s theory.

Cardi B she stated that on the occasion of this year’s Valentine’s Day, she expected “generous pampering” by her husband. Offset has the bar high, because his beloved publicly stated that, as a rule, women’s gifts for men should be significantly cheaper than men’s gifts for their women.

Yes! Men also deserve a Valentine’s Day gift, but their gift should be cheaper than a girlfriend’s.

So if he buys you flowers, give him the grass

– wrote the rapper.

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As you might guess, the male part of the fans Cardi B she didn’t like her theory. There were a lot of comments under the rapper’s tweet. Several people said that the artist herself does not apply to it, because she recently bought her husband a sports car.

Cardi B commented on this allegation.

Okay, so after my tweet about Valentine’s Day, guys came on my twitter saying “you bought your man a lambo” But remember … I have a ring for 550K on my left hand, 400k on my right, handbags for thousands of dollars, lots of jewelry, lambo and Rolls Royce …

As you can see, it is difficult to win against Cardi B in this auction. What do you think, what Offset will buy her this year as a Valentine’s Day gift?

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