Valentino, here is the heritage of the famous designer

Like any self-respecting kingdom, even that of fashion has its emperor. Valentinoan internationally renowned designer and creator of unforgettable luxury clothes and accessories, still remains a leading figure in the fashion industry who has been able to make a virtue of style.

A man and a legend who, over the years, he has built a fortune well above six zeros.

Valentino: how much are your assets?

At 90, Valentino remains the richest and most famous visionary designer in the entire history ofhaute couture. Founder of the house of the same name that has seen iconic clothes churn out since 1957, he has become a true legend in the fashion industry to the point of outclassing the greats such as Dior, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Pierre Cardin.

His essential styleelegant and strongly linked to the color red (the meaning of which becomes even deeper) has that something more that others cannot yet understand but which, over the years, allowed him to earn astronomical figures.

The passion that binds the designer to his art is the secret that underlies so much glory and notoriety even in the months following the sale of the business to the holding company of Gianni Agnelliin 1998.

His unstoppable spirit and the inexhaustible desire to get involved, allow him to continue to create garments of great quality and beauty for the most influential characters in the world of entertainment, and beyond.

In 2007, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the fashion house, Valentino announced his farewell to work which has always brought him a good income and a lot of satisfaction, but he still hasn’t completely abandoned the fashion show stage. The applause and the behind-the-scenes interviews make him proud of his work and the frenetic coming and going of the models, the make-up artists and all the figures who take care of the change of clothes is an everyday life that is difficult to abandon. The moment he sees him in the spotlight is the one he prefers most not only because it repays him for all the effort made, but also because it brings him into contact with the public, the recipient of all his creations.

At every fashion show and every private sale, Valentino’s portfolio rises dramatically e figures beyond 6 zeroes are not at all difficult to reach.

According to some recent sources, the designer’s net worth would be $ 1.5 billion, divided between investments, residential properties and means of transport such as superyachts and private jets. A nice nest egg for a man who has nothing left to do but enjoy his well-deserved retirement. After all, the lifestyle at the limits of the possible is now a distinctive sign of the designer, known among his colleagues for being the king of high living. Suffice it to say that in the era of terrorism in Rome, when the Red Brigades kidnapped people, he went around quietly in his armored Mercedes.

The color chosen for the bodywork was red, of course. A shade that belonged to him but that could also cause him some trouble, which he never worried that much.

Valentino: why is your style so famous?

It wasn’t just the approach to one that made Valentino a great designer essential and elegant fashion but also the choice of creating clothes of an almost never simple refinement, able to adapt to the body of the wearer without ever depriving him of attention.

In the collections, designed to be luxurious and captivating at the same time, the red color predominated over all becoming an indispensable shade for the maison.

Named “Valentino Red”this shade was a mix of carmine red, purple and cadmium, all colors so vibrant, enveloping and brilliant that they seem to be made only of light.

The idea of ​​creating this variant was born from a vision that the designer had during his vacation in Spain, when he was little more than a teenager. At that moment he was standing in front of the Barcelona Opera House and in the middle of the crowd, his gaze had been captured by a local lady who wore a bright and solemn red velvet dress.

This memory became his most precious treasure and his lucky charm in his career who awaited him shortly thereafter.

For Valentino, the color was red the only shade that could look good on any woman as able to give her energy, passion and love but not only.

The elegance of the collections combined with the combination of such a strong pigment, were the narration of the ambitions of humanity finally awakened from the torpor of black and white.

The Red it is a color that cannot be ignored, symbol of an aesthetic classicism that speaks of ancient gods and mythological creatures and of an immense past that the Roman fashion house wanted to bring back to life in its clothes. In a silk dress, in a pleated skirt or in a ceremonial hat, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the color could free itself in all its majesty and speak for itself.

Off the catwalk, Valentino red meets the inner conflict of Jackie Kennedy (a woman devoted to history) and in the 1970s condenses in a perfume bottle which seems to incorporate the aroma of the color itself, as if a shade could smell of fruity notes, floral oils and stone.

This pure shade that never lets itself be conditioned by the complexion of the wearer, it becomes the emblem of Valentino and all its high fashion creations, from clothes to pret-à-porter accessories. Her style, over the years, can only be identified in this way, between a drapery and a nice touch of bright red.

Valentino: what are the most iconic dresses?

In the most luxurious boutiques, you will surely have come across one of the many Valentino creations and startle a little while looking at the price contained in the label.

Yet, if on the one hand we would like to run away and not blush, on the other we wonder what it would be like to wear a garment that may have been one of the most iconic ever created by the designer.

In the history that led him to success, many dresses were made for prominent personalities such as Sophia Loren, Jackie Onassis, Liz Taylor, Princess Margaret and the Queen of Jordan and still remain astounding today.

One of the most memorable was the one worn by Jackie Kennedy in 1967, a pale green one-shoulder sheath dress worn during an official visit to Cambodia.

Still another was the vintage black dress with white trim worn by Julia Roberts the night of the 2001 Oscars.

Four years later, at the presentation of the latest haute couture collection, the black wedding dress with pleated skirt and precious details in the model’s bodice Naomi Campbell he left the whole audience speechless.

The black dress worn by Claudia Schiffer on the Spanish Steps of Trinità dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna it became an object of display, as it is still characterized by the ribbon containing the identification indications of the garment and the name of the model.

Of different workmanship but equally elegant and sumptuous too the red Valentino dresses from Scarlett Johansson (adherent and low-cut to be frightening) and del Violetta characterworn in the play “La Traviata” by Sofia Coppola.

The wedding dresses worn by Nicky Hilton and Marica Pellegrini (wife of Eros Ramazzotti) indicate how elegance and extravagance can coexist even on special occasions like these. Tulle and lace enliven the bodice while the skirt always remains wide with a princely train.

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Valentino: how are the collections of the future changing?

Valentino red becomes the pink Valentinea new color created by the current creative of the maison Pier Paolo Piccioli.

After the total white, the deep black and the bright red, it seems that the vibrant pink just can’t help but invade the catwalk, showing itself on the suits, skirts and tout-pièce worn by the models.

This whole new shade was created in collaboration with Pantonefollowing the same creative steps and radical choices of the designer Valentino to maximize the expressive possibilities of the outfits.

The success of this color exploded at Met Gala 2022 (worn by Zendaya and other great artists) et al Coachella Festival where, between premiére and tour artists like Laura Pausini, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Maluma they favored dresses of this color to stand out among all those present.

A celebration that also affected the male gender, manifesting itself in formal suits with decorated cloaks, street dresses with sneakers included to get to the most romantic red carpet dresses.

There collection FW 22-23 by Valentino, presented during Fashion Week at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, was the most important celebratory moment of this bright and energetic color that aims to enhance individuality and enhance the body and personality of those who choose to wear it.

Monochromaticity is not frightening, therefore, but focuses all the attention of the public on the silhouette, texture, decorations and almost invisible details of the garments. Coats are worn like dresses thanks to a thick belt that marks the waist. Oversized blazers left open reveal a sheer top and wide-leg trousers while dresses have very short hems and skirts are very wide.

Among the decorative elements there are bows, embroidery, lace, petals and ruffles. As for Valentino shoes, they are back in fashion patent leather décolleté with gigantic platform and the handbags are medium-small in size, always pink and always enriched with thin chain shoulder straps.

An avant-garde style, particular and decidedly excessive that it can be worn by anyone who feels the need to appear or by anyone who feels the need to escape from normality and flatness.

A goal that pink, just like red, has belonged to Valentino’s vision since the dawn of time and makes him earn well even without costing an exaggeration.

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