Beatriz Carvalho Rostirola, 22, from Valencia, will fulfill her dream of studying abroad and, in July, will travel to the United States to do an “au pair”, an exchange modality in which the person works taking care of the children of a family place.

In an interview with Jornal de Valinhos, the resident of Parque das Colinas, Beatriz, told how the idea of ​​doing the exchange came about. “I have always dreamed of visiting other countries and studying abroad, as I am fascinated by North American culture. Since I was little, I watched movies and drawings, listened to music and was very curious to learn the English language. And when I turned 14 I asked my parents [Alexandro e Ivone Rostirola] enroll me in a school. It was there that I discovered the ‘au pair’. My eyes lit up as this was a chance to get to know the United States and learn about the culture up close,” she said.

She informed the JV that she will live in a city close to the capital, Washington DC, in the state of Maryland, and revealed her goal with the au pair. “With this exchange, I intend to practice my English and improve this skill even more by studying. However, I also want to see the places I saw in the movies, make new friends and go to the Ariana Grande concert”, she explained with a laugh.

Beatriz said that she intends to stay in the United States for a year and, after that period, return to Brazil, but she left it open to change her opinion, if she adapts to the new country. “I’m very happy. At first it seemed like a distant dream and people didn’t seem to believe me when I said I was going there, but I believed it. I had to have patience, focus and determination to conquer little by little. And after going through several stages and approvals, it wasn’t easy, but I finally made it,” she finished emotional.

Beatriz Carvalho Rostirola, 22 years old

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