Valley of Eden: Florence Pugh in Zoe Kazan’s Netflix adaptation

Zoe Kazan will adapt John Steinbeck’s novel The Valley of Eden for Netflix, brought to the cinema by her grandfather Elia Kazan in 1955, Florence Pugh will be the protagonist of the Netflix miniseries.

Netflix has been developing a miniseries inspired by the novel by John Steinbeck The valley of Eden. Florence Pugh will be the protagonist of the production written and produced by Zoe Kazangrandson of Elia Kazan who, in 1955, directed the famous adaptation of the classic with James Dean.

A close-up of Zoe Kazan in Locarno for Ruby Sparks

A close-up of Zoe Kazan in Locarno for Ruby Sparks

Deadline revealed that the streaming company secured the rights to the adaptation after a heated auction. Anonymous Content and Endeavor Content will co-produce the series as part of a partnership unveiled in March.

The limited series will explore the themes of the novel’s trauma and redemption, love and betrayal, duty and free will. At the heart of the production we will find an intimate portrait of the Trask family against the backdrop of enormous historical changes or, as Steinbeck put it, “the history of my country and my history”.

“I fell in love with The Valley of Eden when I first read it as a teenager. Since then, my dream has been to adapt Steinbeck’s novel – its large, sprawling entirety of three generations. More than any other. what, I wanted to give full expression to the novel’s surprising and singular anti-heroine, Cathy Ames “Zoe Kazan said. “Florence Pugh is the Cathy of our dreams. I can’t imagine a more electrifying actress to bring this character to life. Writing this limited series for the past couple of years has been the creative highlight of my life. Netflix, Anonymous Content and Endeavor Content, we can do this material justice and shed new light on it for a 21st century audience. “.

Ruby Sparks, Zoe Kazan speaks: ‘It all started with Pygmalion’

This will be Zoe Kazan’s first major work as a screenwriter for television. Previously, the actress co-signed Ruby Sparks and Wildlife, directed by partner Paul Dano. Kazan prepares to play She Said in her, where she will play Jodi Kantor, one of the New York Times reporters who revealed the sex scandal involving producer Harvey Weinstein, fostering the birth of the #MeToo movement.

Florence Pugh will soon be in theaters with Don’t Worry Darling, a new film by Olivia Wilde with Harry Styles and Chris Pine. Her future projects include The Wonder for Netflix, A Good Person, and Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s new film about the father of the atomic bomb.

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