Valtellina, helicopter crashes into the mountains: pilot dead, 17 year old injured

Albosaggia (Sondrio) – Grave plane crash was reported in the late afternoon today, Wednesday 10 August, on mountains of the municipal area of Albosaggia (in the locality of Torchione), at the gates of Sondrio: one dead and one wounded.

It was a precipitate a helicopter with on board two people , the pilot and a 17-year-old boy, a tourist (originally from a town on Lake Como) who was taking a helicopter ride with the instructor. The Fire Brigade and the Sagf of the Guardia di Finanza of Sondrio and the other rescuers, including i emergency vehicles sent from Areu (Regional Emergency and Urgency Agency) once they received the request for intervention, they quickly reached the place where the accident occurred.

The helicopter, with on board the instructor and the 17 year old would go i n failure, and then go to touch i high voltage wires of some pylons and then fall just above the inhabited area on the Orobie alps. Rescuers pulled out of the sheets the boy still conscious, while they tried to revive the pilot-instructor , but without being able to save his life. The 17-year-old should instead be out of harm’s way.

The National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) has opened a safety investigation following the accident that occurred, today, in the Municipality of Albosaggio (Sondrio) to the helicopter Robinson R22 brands I-JADE . ANSV sent an investigator to the site of the event to carry out the operational inspection.

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