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Steam Deck was the protagonist of an interview with Valve published by IGN in these days, in which the project managers, Erik Peterson and Lawrence Yang, talked about various topics including one possible slim version, the arrival of Windows as an alternative operating system and del Dock official.

As for the Dock, or the Steam Deck Docking Station official, Valve confirmed that they had some problems in terms of production that have lengthened the assembly and distribution times.

Steam Deck

Steam Deck

Apparently the device in question is produced by different partners and follows its own production cycle, which it evidently had different problems which led to various delays. In any case, now everything seems to have been resolved and it seems that production is proceeding rather quickly.

As for a Steam Deck overhaul in the form of a new model or some sort of Slim version, there seems to be little hope at the moment: “Maybe, but there are drawbacks,” Yang said about the possibility of seeing a smaller version and light of Steam Deck in the near future. “A smaller Steam Deck would probably mean one too reduced battery lifeso we should really weigh all the consequences and make sure we can balance the characteristics. ‚ÄĚConsidering that the battery is not the strong point of Steam Deck even now, it seems difficult that we can work on this area immediately.

Finally, as regards the possibility of installing Windows as an alternative operating system, work is continuing and there should be important developments soon: “There is a lot of work to be done on the SteamOS front to allow the creation of a generic installer. At the moment , the version of SteamOS on the device was developed specifically for Steam Deck and optimized for it, so we have to work on the architecture of the software to make it available for installation on any machine, “Yang said. “Once we have that generic installer, then we can insert the possibility of the dual boot with Windows“.

In recent days it has also emerged that production has gone beyond Valve’s estimates and that new early shipments are expected, while pre-orders are higher than expected in Japan.

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