Vanessa Hudgens ever more glamorous: the collection with Fabletics

Vanessa Hudgens returns to the other side of fashion and creates a new inclusive capsule collection with Fabletics: her idea comes from the need to have a garment for every occasion and winks at the 90s.

Vanessa Hudgens continues his climb to the heights of glamor and this time adds a new conquest to his repertoire by signing a capsule collections extremely autumnal. The actress, known since the time of High School Musicals (the film trilogy together with Zac Efron), has never made a secret of his interest in the world of fashion. This summer you wandered around Italy, attending social events organized in Capri by Michael Kors and she didn’t even get lost Fashion Week. His charm has now conquered the sector and the arrival of a new perfectly autumnal collection is not surprising.

Credits: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

The actress has joined forces with fabletics and created a proposal that fits the needs of what he called the “spooky season“. And it is no coincidence that it has debuted right now. “Autumn is my favorite time of year“, guaranteed Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens presents a capsule collection with Fabletics

When Vanessa Hudgens thought of a capsule collection, it started from her personal need: to give back each versatile garment. The actress has joined forces with Fabletics by launching a collection consisting of 13 pieces ranging from the sporting appointment to the more gallant one. She didn’t deprive herself of anything, Vanessa Hudgens, above all because the garments are purely autumnal. “It’s a spooky season for me. What do I love most about autumn? And what can I wear that reminds of Halloween? I love button up jackets that I can wear over my workout outfit or paired with a crop top and skirt for a night out“.

Vanessa Hudgens
Credits: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

But he has a soft spot for i shiny leggingspiece must-haves of the entire collection, which Vanessa Hudgens has already defined as “elegant and functional. I also love the faux mohair we created for the dress and cardigan. It’s so soft and durable and it’s just cosy“. Looking closely at the glamorous proposal, you will notice a certain 90s influence: for example, he created a minidress lilac which remembers Girls in Beverly Hills. Another gem is the vegan leather jacket.

Vanessa Hudgens
Credits: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

For Vanessa Hudgens it is the second collection made with Fabletics, a fun yet rewarding experience for a woman who appreciates fashionthe design and the functionality. His goal, fully achieved, was to create a collection useful for every phase of the day, from training to an aperitif with friends. It’s about a inclusive collectionfrom XXS to 4XL, and cruelty free.

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