Vanessa Hudgens has been seeing dead people since the age of eight

Vanessa Hudgens, who we saw in tick, tick… Boom! She admits to having the ability to see and speak with the dead. The actress recounted her first encounter with the supernatural.

There are thousands of ghosts that haunt old houses or roam the streets and cities looking for answers, revenge or a way to talk to the living in literature and cinema. Someone then argues that the inhabitants of the realm of the dead, or more simply the spirits, really exist, and that it is possible to interact with them. For example, she is convinced of this Vanessa Hudgens. The ex girlfriend of Zac Efron so he joins a large group of stars who swear they have seen a ghost, and of which they are already part Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, Megan Mullally, Keanu Reeves And Matthew McConaughey.

Vanessa Hudgens’ first time with the supernatural

Vanessa Hudgenswhich we recently saw in tick, tick… Boom!addressed the topic of ghosts in an interview during The Kelly Clarkson Show and taken from People, in which he specified that he has been able to speak with spirits since the age of 8. Over time she the actress has “accepted that I see and hear things.” Despite this, the first time she encountered the supernatural she was very scared. Here is her story:

I remember I was 8 and I was getting dressed for school and… you know those toy ducks that have a string that you pull? There was one on the dining room table. I started walking and she stood next to me and she imitated me (…) For a while I didn’t want to think about it anymore because it’s a scary thing. The unknown is scary, but then recently I thought, “No, this is a gift, something I’m capable of doing, so I’m going to indulge in it.

Also during the interview, Vanessa she explained that she has a spirit box (Ghost Box) that helps her “analyze radio frequencies very quickly”. There Hudgensin short, she would be ready for another film by Ghostbusters or The Conjuring (we say this) and, if she didn’t go well with acting, she could always set up a new business, perhaps acquiring a banquet like that of Lucy of the Peanuts.

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