Vatican, Holy See. Ambassador Andrij Jurasz: Russia wants to prevent Pope Francis from visiting Ukraine in 2022

Russia is trying very hard to prevent the Pope from visiting Ukraine, said the newly appointed Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Jurasz. In an interview with, he spoke about the possible arrival of Francis to this country in 2022.

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He revealed that there is no exact date for the visit yet and that everything is still under discussion. But, he declared, Ukraine she is ready to organize it and will do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

According to the ambassador, however, Russian diplomacy “is doing everything possible to prevent the Pope from coming to Ukraine.” He recalled that such a visit was considered unlikely by Metropolitan Hilarium, head of the Department of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. The Russian ambassador to Holy See.

Pope Francis on the situation in Ukraine

According to Jurasz, the main and basic purpose of the Pope’s visit to Ukraine is one: Francis wants to speak about peace to a society wounded “by the suffering and tragedy of war”.

Only in December 2021, the Pope mentioned the situation in this country twice. In his Christmas message “Urbi et Orbi” on December 25, he prayed to the Baby Jesus: “Be light and support for those who believe and act, even against the tide, for encounter and dialogue, and do not allow the cancerous metastasis of the conflict to spread in Ukraine“.

However, on December 12, after the “Angelus” prayer in St. Peter, the Holy Father said: “I wish to assure you of my prayers for beloved Ukraine, for all its Churches, religious communities and all its inhabitants, that tensions in this country will be resolved through a serious international dialogue, and not by weapons. The statistics I read recently, which show that more weapons were produced this year than last year, fills me with great pain. Weapons are not the way to solve problems. Damn it Christmas He will bring peace to Ukraine! ”.

According to Ambassador Jurasz, it is unlikely that the Pope intends to interfere with the internal situation of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Francis “understands the complexity of relations in the Orthodox world and will not place particular emphasis on this issue.” Instead, it wants to “create an atmosphere of prayer that fosters peace and dialogue, and communication for everyone, including religious communities.”

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The only Pope who has come to Ukraine so far was St. Pope John Paul IIwho visited Kiev and Lviv on June 23-27, 2001.

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