Vatican. Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris. The clergyman was to maintain the relationship with the woman | World news

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, informed the Vatican. In his place, he appointed the former Archbishop of Marseille, Georges Pontier. Aupetit proposed his resignation last week in a letter sent to the Pope. Earlier, the media reported on his relationship with a woman.

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Vatican. The Archbishop of Paris resigned. “I have been hit hard”

“God gave and God took back,” Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit wrote in a statement after the Vatican announced that he had accepted his resignation. The clergyman said that his resignation would “save the diocese from divisions that arise as a result of suspicion and loss of trust.”

He assured that he always tried to fulfill the responsibility of being a shepherd with enthusiasm and dedication. “I was obviously very concerned about the attacks on me. Today, however, I thank God for deeply calming my heart. I thank the many people who have shown trust and love in me over the past eight days. I pray for those who may have wished me evil, as He has taught us to do. this Christ who helps us beyond our futile strength, “he wrote in a letter quoted by the Vatican News. The archbishop apologized to those he had hurt and thanked those who expressed their support for him.

The shining cross in the parish of  st.  Andrzej Bobola in LublinLublin. A huge illuminated cross blinds the residents of the estate [ZDJĘCIA]

France. French media accuses the clergyman of having a relationship with a woman

Last week, the French daily Le Croix revealed that Michel Aupetit was to have a relationship with a woman in 2012, a few months before receiving his episcopal nomination. The Hierarchy denied these accusations, although admitted that they were “ambivalent relationships”.

The e-mail, which he accidentally sent to his secretary at the time, was to prove the archbishop’s guilt. In the message, he admitted that he made a mistake in the relationship, and his behavior was to suggest that he could have an intimate relationship with the woman, and even sexual contacts.

Church (illustrative photo)France. The church sells the property. Will pay compensation to victims of pedophilia

– Those who knew me at the time and shared my daily life with me can certainly testify that I did not live a double life, as the article suggests. Once again, I must admit that I acted awkwardly in this situation – explained the clergyman on Radio Notre-Dame. It was not a romantic or sexual relationship, he claimed.

French media write about another blow for the Catholic Church in France, for which the bishop of Paris was one of the most important figures. A few weeks ago, the public was shocked by the publication of a report showing the scale of sexual abuse of minors in the French church.

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