Veneto, a perfect region for food and wine tourism

THEL Veneto, a region of north-eastern Italy, bordered to the north with Trentino-Alto Adige and Austria, to the south with Emilia-Romagna, to the west with Lombardy, to the east with Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and to the south- east with the Adriatic Sea. Veneto is enclosed in the beauty of all its many forms, cities of art, sea, mountains, spas, lakes and parks. It is no coincidence that the tourist slogan is “Veneto, one region, a thousand faces“. The Venetian mountains and the DoLomiti Bellunesi offer unspoiled nature, extensive areas for the practice of active tourism attentive to the environment, while the area hilly foothills offers softer landscapes, splendid villages and famous Venetian Villas as evidence of the love that the nobles of the past had for this territory, chosen to relax and enjoy the life of countryside. One of the most singular figures of Venetian Renaissance painting, Lorenzo Lottoowes its fame to this region for the presence of artistic suggestions and landscape assets declared a World Heritage Site.

The Prosecco hills

A territory … worthy of a film

In addition to the historic capital, Venicealso called the “romantic city on the water”, The whole territory offers dream scenarios between mountains, valleys, lakes and beaches. In the presence of the Dolomites, it is a succession of natural oases and fortified citadels, places of great tourist importance. Veronawith the Arena and Juliet’s house, but also Padua, Vicenza and Belluno have in store wonders to discover between architecture and landscape. Finally, the territory also boasts the presence of over three hundred crafts of which it is worth mentioning the one for which the Veneto region is known and renowned in the world: the processing of Murano glass.

In our collection with some of the best movie shot in Veneto certainly cannot miss all the films that have seen as the protagonist the spy in the service of Her Majesty, the most famous in the world, that is James Bond. After all, the one between agent 007 and Venice is an endless love story, if only for that aura of mystery and charm that the lagoon city gushes from every pore. In addition to James Bond, another very famous character who made a stop in Venice during one of his many adventures was Indiana Jones, where during the shooting the actor will leave in search of his father, starting from Venice. And finally, despite the numerous film licenses, The Touristwith Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deppis certainly one of the films that best embodies the ideal of romantic Venice.

The magic of Venice Veneto, a region made for food and wine tourism

The magic of Venice

It is in this region that, throughout history, they have met civilization and populations from the most diverse cultures, thus creating an incredible mix of gastronomic fusions. The gastronomic specialties should in fact be mentioned among the main characteristics and reasons of pride of the Veneto and each of the seven Venetian provinces boasts its own traditional cuisinewith typical and unique recipes linked to specific areas.

The pillars of the kitchen

There Venetian culinary tradition is based on the ancient wisdom combined with the ability to combine the flavors of the territory with the new which from time to time historical events have introduced into the region. Maize, beans, potatoes, cod are the basic ingredients of regional gastronomy in addition to the well-known Slow Food Presidia such as Biancoperla Corn, Grumulo delle Abbadesse Rice and Custoza Broccoli. Even from the point of view of vegetables, Veneto boasts well seven products identified by the protection marks: the radicchio (the Rosso di Verona, the Rosso di Chioggia, the variegated one from Castelfranco Veneto, the Rosso di Treviso); asparagus (those from Bassano and Cimadolmo); beans, especially those from Lamon, in the Belluno area.

And give it foreign influences and incredible fertility and productivity of the territory the most famous Venetian recipes are born such as creamed cod, the sarde in saor, risi e bisi, liver Venetian style, there poenta and osei, the Paduan boiled meat, tiramisu (which seems to have its origins in the city of Treviso) and Polesano risotto.

Venetian liver Veneto, a region made for food and wine tourism

Venetian liver

Firsts in the world of wine

Among the various primates it holds, Veneto is the the country’s largest and most productive wine regionwith its forty-five wines with the Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso appellation, in which five main macro areas can be distinguished, Veronese, which stands out with the Wines Bardolino, Amarone della Valpolicella and the Recioto of Soave. The Vicentino with the Wines of Gambellara and the Berici Hills, the Paduan with the Euganean Hills, the Venice area with the Lison and the Treviso area with the Piave wines and the numerous versions of Prosecco. To say Veneto, however, is also to say grappa, a distillate of high ethyl grade pomace of which Bassano del Grappa and Conegliano certainly represent the undisputed kingdoms.

Verona is also one of the most popular destinations in Veneto, a region made for food and wine tourism

Verona is also among the most popular destinations

And the catering? With all these varieties of products, he could not fail to secure a place of value as a region dedicated to food and wine and the refinement of the detail of chef increasingly attentive to research and food and wine pairing. Confirming the above are the confirmations of the Michelin stars, from the three-starred Le Calandre di Massimo Alajmo to the four hotels with two Michelin stars, Casa Perbellini, La Peca, Antica Osteria Cera and Glam by Enrico Bartolini. In addition to the other thirty-two structures that today lead the catering with the Michelin star, a mention of merit should be given to the five activities that have been awarded with the Michelin Green Star where the chefs have distinguished themselves for respect for the environment, work ethic and the fight against food waste; let’s talk about the restaurant Lazzaro 1915, La Cru, Venissa, Sanbrite and Osteria Enoteca Gambrinus.

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