Venezia79, Tilda Swinton style icon. Today The Son with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern

Having abandoned the dramas of Don’t Worry Darling, yesterday the Lido saw as the protagonist of the day Tilda Swinton, presented with a hair color hard to miss, the same shade as the flag of Ukraine, as she herself stated. The English actress, a regular at the Venice Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, is the protagonist of The Eternal Daughter, film directed by her longtime friend Joanna Hogg, who directed her in the first film of both, Caprice, dated 1986. In dealing with the film of the relationship between a mother and her daughter, during the press conference Swinton explored at length the theme of motherhood and having now faced any type of role, she also stated that what currently pushes her to continue her his (incredible) career is acting in films directed by directors with whom he has a relationship of trust, because friendship can often fuel the creative process. The afternoon then took place on the red carpet, during which the actress, always available with her fans, allowed herself to take selfies and autographs.

Today’s program

The Son

A drama that follows a family struggling to get back together after breaking up. The Sonwhich boasts a stellar cast to which they are a part Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern And Vanessa Kirby, centers on Peter, whose hectic life with his newborn son and new partner Beth is turned upside down when ex-wife Kate reappears with their teenage son Nicholas. The young man has been missing from school for months and is tormented, distant and angry. Peter struggles to care for Nicholas as he wished his father had looked after him, as he juggles between work, Beth’s new baby and offering him his dream location in Washington. However, in trying to make up for the mistakes of the past, he loses sight of how to hold on to Nicholas in the present.

Dreamin ‘Wild

What if a childhood dream suddenly came true – but thirty years later? This is what happens to singer-songwriter Donnie Emerson. The dream of being successful comes true suddenly – and unexpectedly – when he is approaching his fifties. And if on the one hand this brings with it the hope of second chances, on the other hand it also evokes the ghosts of the past mixed with long-buried emotions, while Donnie, his brother Joe and the whole family find themselves dealing with the recently won fame. Dreamin ‘Wild is an incredible true story of love, hope, family, guilt and responsibility. The film has as protagonists Casey Affleck And Zooey Deschanel.

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