Venezuela makes progress in public policies before UNESCO

Ahead of the 216th session of the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Venezuela rejected the blockade, defended the sovereignty of the people and praised the progress in public policies of social inclusion that have developed under the peace Is happening Diplomatic plans.

“Despite the blockade, the Venezuelan government pursues public policies for social inclusion that guarantee education, science and culture. It also promotes and believes in the diplomacy of peace”. This Tuesday, Rodolfo Pérez, Venezuela’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO, insisted.

Perez emphasized this during his speech in 2005 “Venezuela was declared before this body, an illiteracy-free zone”,

He recalled having built a strong universal education system, with municipal and humanised, public and free education, which goes from preschool to university.

,More than 150,000 teachers have received training, along with education professionals in Venezuela”. Said.

cultural and scientific progress
On the cultural issue, the ambassador highlighted the work done by the Venezuelan system of choirs and orchestras, where more than one million children and adolescents participate.

With regard to the inclusion “Venezuela recently approved a comprehensive care law for people on the autism spectrum, being the tenth country to do so,” Added.

With regard to the technology sector, Ambassador Rodolfo Perez highlighted “This year we opened the doors to the Scientific and Technological Park within the framework of the event for the launch of the Open Science Policies recommendation of the Antonio José de Sucre National Experimental Polytechnic University (Unexpo).”

He also added: “Venezuela is able to present more than one annual file of cultural elements and also advises other countries that need it”,

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Venezuela believes in peace

In the speech, Ambassador Rodolfo Pérez stressed that Venezuelans believe in and practice the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, adding that “only peace guarantees life on the planet.”

In this regard he emphasized “For peace to exist, there must be respect for the sovereignty of the people, for the highest values ​​of society, it must be reconciled with the fact that there are good wars and not bad wars, justifying transnational, mass media-sponsored wars Or like the financial economic war being waged against Venezuela”.

UNESCO Executive Council

This Monday began the plenary meeting of the 216th session of the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which is taking place from May 10 to 24 at its headquarters in Paris, France.

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