Venezuelans clash on Cartagena beach


Recently, a fierce confrontation between two women occurred on Marbella Beach in Cartagena, Colombia, and a video posted through social networks was exposed.

Author: El Global

In the video, both men are seen near the beach, attacking each other among dangerous and sharp rocks. Passers-by tried to separate them, but the fight did not end until police arrived and both men were arrested.

Some netizens commented that this might be bad due to their location.

Here is the video:

According to a report provided by the Cartagena Police Department, the fight occurred at 6:45 pm yesterday.

“Two Venezuelan citizens, residents of the La María community, instigated fights in the beach area. Article 27, paragraph 1, of Law No. 1801 of 2016 applies to them,” the agency said.

What does the law say about quarrels?

The law stipulates that if a street fight occurs, it will be considered a danger to public safety and participants may therefore be fined 50 to 100 times the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA) or arrested for 36 hours.

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