Venice Film Festival 2022: dates, where and how to buy tickets


Curious to have a dream experience e to see a world premiere film at the Venice Film Festival? Is there a film in the rich program of the 2022 edition that you would absolutely like to see, perhaps with the director and the cast present in the room? Then it’s time to organize a visit to the Lido of Venice, where you can see one or more films, by purchasing tickets reserved for the public. Unlike other festivals, in fact, the Venice Film Festival reserves many opportunities and spaces for non-accredited audiences as well.

Here’s everything you need to know for see a film at the Venice Film Festival 2022, waiting for the online ticket offices to officially open. You can already consult the complete program with all the films here: From Guadagnino to Baumbach, the films of Venice 2022 [LISTA]


How to see a film at the Venice Film Festival 2022


Venice 2022: when and where the Festival takes place

Its official name is Venice International Film Festival, more commonly known as the Mostra del Cinema. It is the oldest film festival in the world, which will turn 90 years old in 2022. However, “only” the 79th edition will take place, because in the past some editions have been skipped for many reasons, including world conflicts.

The exhibition takes place in late summer, usually between late August and early September. This year the Venice Film Festival will open on 31 August 2022 and will close on 10 September 2022 with the award of the Golden Lion to the best film of the competition.

For the Italian public it is a unique opportunity to see the big stars and participate in the world premiere screenings, being one of the most important film festivals in the world, which however takes place on Italian soil.

The exhibition is held every year in Venice, easily accessible by plane and train. But be careful: the rooms where the films are shown and the red carpet where the stars parade are located on the Lido. It is a long and narrow island that is detached from the rest of the city and can only be reached by sea, with the local Vaporetto network or by water taxi.

Venice 2022: the rooms where you can see the films of the Festival


In the heart of the Lido of Venice there are 6 rooms dedicated to the projections of the Venice Film Festival. Ticket prices vary from theater to theater, as does the opportunity to see the cast of the film present during the screening.

All projections are in the original language. Are present subtitles in Italian and English.


Here is the complete list of rooms:

  • Big room – if you want to see the stars of the movie you are interested in, you have to get the ticket to the Great Hall. It is in fact the room accessed via the red carpet, where the official world premieres of the films in competition and out of competition take place. The admission price is the highest among those of the exhibition and varies according to the time of the screening. Usually in the Sala Grande there are three screenings open to the public: that of the early afternoon, that of the first evening and that of the second evening. The screening which starts at 7:30 pm is usually reserved for the most important film of the day. The ticket will also give you a chance to see celebrities, models, stars, and guests parading on the red carpet before entering the room. Sala grande is also a historic room with vintage interiors, where the history of cinema was made: in fact, the Golden Lion has been awarded here for over 70 years. To access the Great Hall, elegant and formal attire is required: prepare an evening outfit, with elegant shoes. Otherwise you will be bounced, even with the ticket.
  • Palabiennale – It is the most popular room, slightly detached from the heart of the exhibition. This is a temporary tensile structure, which becomes very noisy if it rains (you will hear the drops falling on the roof during the projection). Being very large, it is easier to find a place, moreover it has very low prices, accessible to all budgets. If you can, bring a pillow: the chairs are a bit uncomfortable.
  • Dock Hall – Here, on the other hand, it is particularly difficult to enter, because this room is reserved for press screenings and industry accredited persons, which means that it is almost always completely sold out, if not inaccessible to those without accreditation. If you have the opportunity, I recommend seeing a film here: it is the most beautiful room in the exhibition. However, avoid the front rows if possible.
  • Garden Room – Also known as the Red Cube, it is a small side room with respect to the main ones of the Exhibition and very atmospheric. The advice: it is a stone’s throw from the red carpet and has the lowest price of all present.
  • Arena Lido – a more detached site, active above all in the days preceding the exhibition with the cycle dedicated to restorations and classics.
  • Piccolo Arsenale Theater – A small Venetian room, very detached from the heart of the exhibition. Prices are popular. You will end up here if you are interested in indie genre international and auteur cinema.

Venice 2022: accreditations for students, under 26 and over 60

If you fall into some age or profession categories and want to follow the entire exhibition, you can request one of the accreditations for the public which allow free admission to the screenings reserved for accredited persons, if there are free seats available.

Exist two types of accessible accreditations to non-professionals:


  • cinema accreditation for university students – dedicated to Italian and foreign university students of all study courses. It can be requested with the presentation of a copy of the university booklet.
  • promotional card – dedicated to under 26 and over 60, the card allows viewing, within the limit of available seats, at the screenings reserved for accredited persons.

Both of these options allow you to free access to the screenings reserved for accredited persons, separate from those accessible to the public. However, you need to pay a fee to get them.

Cinema accreditation:

  • 80 euros until June 19, 2022
  • 90 euros until 28 July 2022
  • 100 euros until 22 August 2022

After 22 August it will not be possible to apply for cinema accreditation.

Promotional card:

  • 80 euros until 15 July 2022
  • 150 euros until 27 August 2022

After 27 August it will not be possible to apply for cinema accreditation.


Venice 2022: how and where to buy tickets


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the exhibition has aimed on exclusive online ticket sales: now for very few events, it is possible to buy a ticket on site and only a few hours before.

This is good, considering that most of the screenings and audience meetings sell out within minutes. Better to organize the trip to Venice only once you are sure you have the ticket.

Tickets for all screenings can be purchased by accessing the website, which is supported by Boxol platform.

Pre-sales for tickets will open in August 2022. The opening date of the online ticket office is not known, but it usually takes place in mid-August. In 2021 the ticket office started its activity on August 18, 2022.

The advice is to follow the Venice Biennale on social networks (Twitter, Instagram as well as the official website), activating notifications, so as not to miss the opening of the pre-sale of tickets for the Venice Film Festival 2022.

Venice 2022: costs and season tickets

Sala Giardino in Venice

How much does it cost to see a film at the Venice Film Festival 2022? At the moment, the Biennale has not yet made available the updated rates for 2022.

The Biennale offers a reduction for the under 26 and over 60 categories. Admission is free for those accompanying people with certified motor disabilities.

We will provide you with the updated price list as soon as it is available. To get an idea of ​​the prices, here is the one for the 2021 edition:

Single tickets

  • Big room – Afternoon show 20 euros / 15 euros (reduced)
    Early evening show 50 euros / 40 euros (reduced)
    Late evening show 25 euros / 25 euros (reduced)
  • Palabiennale – 10 euro / 8 euro (reduced)
  • Dock – 12 euro / 8 euro (reduced)
  • Garden – 7 euros
  • Arena Lido – 12 euro / 8 euro (reduced)
  • Piccolo Arsenale Theater – 12 euro / 8 euro (reduced)


  • Big room – Afternoon show 160 euros
    Early evening show in the stalls 500 euros / 425 euros (reduced)
    Early evening show in the gallery 1600 euros
    First + second evening show in the stalls 650 euros / 545 euros (reduced)
    Late evening show 300 euros / 220 euros (reduced)
  • Palabiennale – afternoon + early evening 65 euros / 55 euros (reduced)
  • Dock – screening in the early afternoon 40 euros / 35 euros (reduced)
  • late afternoon screening 40 euros / 35 euros (reduced)
  • Garden – afternoon 35 euros
  • Arena Lido – 90 euros / 50 euros (reduced)
  • Piccolo Arsenale Theater – 90 euros / 50 euros (reduced)

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