Venice Film Festival: actor Gabriel Guevara (À contre sens) arrested for “sexual assault”

On September 2, at the Venice Film Festival, Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, notably known for his role in the film Against the direction released last June on Prime, was arrested by Italian police for alleged sexual assault, following an international arrest warrant issued against him.

When it was supposed to be crowned with the title of best young actor by Filming Italy on Saturday September 2, 2023, things turned out very differently For Gabriel Guevara. The 22-year-old Spanish actor, recently highlighted by the release of the highly anticipated teen film Against the direction on Prime Video, and discovered in Skam Spain, was in fact the subject of an international arrest warrant. He is accused of having committed a sexual assault in France. So, a few hours before the actor was supposed to receive his award, he was arrested by Italian police, reports La Nuova (via The Hollywood Reporter). While details of the case and in particular the alleged sexual assault remain unclear, it is specified that the court of appeal must still examine the file before a possible extradition procedure to France is initiated.

The rest of the film compromised?

Before these accusations, Gabriel Guevara had begun to build a successful career in the world of cinema and television. After gaining notoriety thanks to his role as Cristian Miralles Haro in the series Skam Spainhe had been seen in many productions, such as How to Screw it All Up, HIT, or Just an ordinary girl. In Against the directionhe played Nick, the second main role: this rich “bad boy” falls for his half-sister Noah, and ended up having a romantic relationship with her, despite the prohibitions. This film, directed by Domingo González, was based on the series of novels of the same name, written by Mercedes Ron, was a good success and the sequel had already entered production. But the accusations against the actor, if proven, could slow down the continuation of this project… For now, Gabriel Guevara remains presumed innocentuntil justice rules.

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