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Verona-Napoli Tv – Hellas Verona-Napoli 2022 live free also on First game of the season on the calendar of A league. The match will be played tonight Verona Naples. The match will be visible live even with the live reaction on FootballNapoli24 TV (channel 79 digital terrestrial Naples / Caserta) and on ours Youtube channel FootballNaples24.

Verona-Naples | LIVE VIDEO

Dear readers of Football Naples 24good evening and welcome to direct Verona Naplesmatch valid for the 1st day of the Serie A championship. The kick-off of the Verona Napoli match is scheduled at 18:30. Here are all the updates for the game.

Direct text Hellas Verona-Napoli

45 ‘- 5 minutes of recovery granted

43 & # 39; – He wastes the opportunity to score Alessio Zerbin, an incredible goal missed by the young blue

40 ‘- Referee Fabbri changes choice after seeing the episode at the Var, Zerbin foul on Montipò and Ounas goal of 2-6 canceled

38 & # 39; – Ounas goal just entered the field, but there is a control at the Var

37 ‘- Anguissa close to the sixth goal for the Azzurri

34 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL !! MATTEO POLITANO !!! Great action by the Azzurri with a recovery by Lobotka that triggered the action, then Politano, Osimhen and again Politano who beats Montipò

29 ‘- Double change in Naples: Zerbin and Politano in place of ZIelinski and Lozano

27 ‘- Verona changes: Djuric in place of Lasagna

25 ‘- Cooling break again

23 ‘- Napoli also changes: Elmas takes the place of Kvara

22 ‘- Change in Verona: Barak in place of Tameze

20 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL !!! STANISLAV LOBOTKA !!!! Great goal from outside the area of ​​the midfielder who with a billiard shot beat Montipò after having advanced for most of the field undisturbed

17 ‘- Verona tries but the shot is rejected by the blue defense

14 ‘- Double change for Cioffi of Verona: outside Amione and Henry, inside Restos and Piccoli

10 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOAL !!!! PIOTR ZIELINSKI !!!! Another advantage of the Azzurri, a great assist from Kvara that leads to the Pole who beats Montipò in a split

9 ‘- Osimhen is also warned

7 ‘- Yellow card for Amione

6 ‘- Napoli try to react

3 ‘- Henry’s goal that scored the 2-2 goal with a header that beat Meret

19.37 – The recovery begins

47 ‘- End of the first half

47 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL !!! VICTOR OSIMHEN !!! Azzurri took the lead in the last second of the first half, Di Lorenzo’s shot from a corner and Osimhen’s goal at the far post

46 ‘- Anguissa earns a corner in the final

46 ‘- Yellow card for Hongla

45 ‘- Two minutes of recovery

42 ‘- Kim very careful to recover on Lasagna

37 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL !!! KVARAAAA !!! 1-1 Napoli with a great header at the far post, Lozano’s cross is also perfect

33 ‘- Anguissa post! Naples close to a draw

30 ‘- Lasagna’s goal on the development of the corner kick, already 1-0 for Hellas

29 ‘- Ball lost by Zielinski and Hongla commits Meret

27 ‘- The game resumes

25 ‘- Cooling break, game stopped to allow teams to quench their thirst

22 & # 39; – Kim still avoids a Verona danger, bad ball lost by Osimhen

18 ‘- Excellent assist from Lozano for Kvara who dribbles two opponents and touches the post with a shot

16 ‘- Another great intervention by Kim who launches the restart of Napoli, Lozano then wastes with a wrong shot

13 ‘- Great discea by Kim who then serves Lozano, shot rebound and on the rejected Lozano engages Montipò

10 ‘- Ball in the center of Lozano for Osimhen who smoothes the ball almost in a small area

6 ‘- Continued fouls on Lozano, at this moment the game continues to be stopped continuously by the referee

2 ‘- First corner kick of the match, Lozano misses the cross

1 ‘- The kick-off is for Napoli

18.31 – 1 minute of silence granted for the disappearance of Garella

18.22 – Spalletti’s words to DAZN in the pre-match: “Napoli is very ready for a complicated game, I’ve seen the right answers”

18.19 – The words of Faraoni to DAZN in the pre-match: “Today we need an emotional reaction after the fool in the Italian Cup”

18.14 – Elmas’ words to DAZN in the pre-match: “Great players gone away, now we all feel more responsibility. We want to do well”

18.11 – Choirs against De Laurentiis in the guest sector of the Bentegodi stadium. The Neapolitan fans in Verona sing: “Go to Bari” and “You are not my president”.

DAZN problems, sent to users alternative link for Verona-Naples in case of problem!

17.52 – About 1000 Neapolitan away fans also arrive, who will sit in the guest sector of the Bentegodi

17.50 – Teams on the pitch for the usual pre-match warm-up

Here are the official formations of Hellas Verona vs Napoli:

  • NAPLES (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Minjae, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski; Lozano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. On the bench: Marfella, Sirigu, Juan Jesus, Olivera, Ostigard, Zanoli, Demme, Elmas, Zerbin, Ounas, Politano. Trainer: Spalletti.
  • VERONA (3-5-2): Montipò; Dawidowicz, Gunter, Amione; Pharaohs, Tameze, Hongla, Ilic, Lazovic; Henry, Lasagna. On the bench: Church, Berardi, Barak, Djuric, Piccoli, Magnani, Terracciano, Coppola, Retsos, Cortinovis, Sulemana. Trainer: Cioffi.

17.17 – The Napoli team on the playing field to taste the terrain. The pre-match warm-up will also begin shortly. Official formations are awaited

17.14 Provisional Napoli 2022-23 list, first indications: Zielinski in the over 22, Marfella and Zerbin trained by the club

17.09 Napoli 2022-23 jersey numbers, here are those of Marfella, Zerbin, Ounas and those not called up

16.50 Latest Verona-Naples formations, Sky: Spalletti launches Kim and Kvara, surprised on the left

16.49 Verona-Naples, the latest Sky: Barak does not play! Here is the training

16.45 Blue bus arrived at Bentegodi to the applause of the Neapolitan fans present (click here to see)

Here is all the information:

Verona Naples 2022
Live Verona Naples 2022

Verona Naples 2022: live on Calcio Napoli 24

Verona Naples 2022 live on CN24. For everything related to the pre-match, the match, the highlights and the interviews with the protagonists, you can follow the event on Calcio Napoli 24. Friendly match visible LIVE VIDEO on FootballNapoli24 TV (channel 79 digital terrestrial Naples / Caserta) and the Youtube channel FootballNaples24 with the live reaction with Riccardo Catapano and Salvio Passante.

Also, on Football Napoli 24 TVchannel 79 of the Digital Terrestrial Campania, all the updates on the only television channel dedicated to Naples football.

Verona Naples
Verona Naples 2022

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