Verstappen could become a world champion on Sunday! Four possible scenarios

The Dutchman still has eight points ahead of the last two races of this season and a chance to win this year’s championship. What’s more, in Saudi Arabia he can secure this title, although he must count on a Lewis Hamilton mishap.

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Four championship scenarios for Verstappen

If Max Verstappen hadn’t had so much luck this season, the trophy would have been decided. First, in Baku, he lost the race he won, when the tire burst in his car at the very end, and the Dutchman hit the barrier. Luckily for him, Hamilton made a costly mistake at the time, failing to score a single point.

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The events at Silverstone, moreover, heated the whole battle between them. In the first lap, they both fought hard until they came into contact. Verstappen’s car was launched into the barrier at a speed of nearly 300 km / h. The judges found Hamilton to be guilty and gave him a 10 second penalty. However, it did not help much – the Briton won, making up valuable 25 points for the general classification.

On the other hand, at Hungaroring, Verstappen fell victim to a massive collision in the first corner. Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton’s team mate, hit Norris’ car which then crashed into the Dutchman. And while Verstappen could go on, he was unable to compete because of the damaged car. Hamilton was second after Vettel’s disqualification, making up another 16 points.

Considering only these three races, Verstappen could already secure the world title. It would have been enough for him to have 52 points ahead of Hamilton with two races to go. He currently has eight of them and a chance to leave Saudi Arabia as a world champion. There are four scenarios that will allow him to do so, but each of them assumes that the Dutchman will finish in the top two places and that Hamilton will have a much weaker race.

What needs to happen for Verstappen to win the world title?

  • Verstappen wins the race and scores for fastest lap – Hamilton must be 6th or lower
  • Verstappen wins the race but does not score an extra point – Hamilton must be 7th or lower
  • Verstappen is 2nd and scores the point for fastest lap – Hamilton must be 10th or lower
  • Verstappen is 2nd and does not score an extra point – Hamilton cannot score

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In all other cases, the title of the championship will not be decided until Abu Dhabi, in the end-of-season race. Report from the Sunday race for the Saudi Arabia GP on and in the LIVE mobile application.

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