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MESTRE – The mall Doors of Mestre starts again from the entrance. That is from Porta Marghera, which will be transformed into a terrace with a vertical garden and spaces to welcome the public with seating and a relaxation area. This is one of the qualifying points for the restyling of the complex – which most of the customers continue to call Auchandespite the transfer of ownership in 2020 to the Antirion Retail real estate fund – which in ten months promises to deeply innovate the complex opened in 1995. The company announces the works. Cushman & Wafefield, who, on behalf of the owner, manages the center which, over the years, has had to face the arrival of new competitors but also economic and health crises that have eroded the spending capacity of customers. Not to mention the change in progress of the partner in the “food” sector, Auchan, who two years ago sold the business to Conad.

The intention of the owners and managers is to reposition the center, “consolidate the leadership and attractiveness of Porte di Mestre” by adapting it to the times and the evolution of consumption. It is also a way to recover market share and remedy the closures that in recent times have left large empty spaces inside. In addition to the new Porta Marghera equipped with a “winter garden”, the restyling of the area hosting the restaurant is planned, which will have a large skylight to facilitate the entry of natural light. A new area dedicated to children will also be created, with a guaranteed custody service to encourage shopping, while on the first floor there will be new openings with medium-large sales surfaces. “The first steps of this project date back to January 2021 – explains Davide Natale of Cushman & Wakefield – when, together with the owners, we began to outline a strategy to relaunch Porte di Mestre”, with the aim of enhancing it and improve its commercial performance. The result was a competition of ideas that saw the Reify design studio prevail.

“In outlining the guidelines for the strategic repositioning of the center – adds Roberto Marchetti of the management company – we carefully assessed the needs of current and future demand, rethinking the offer in order to respond promptly to rapidly evolving consumption models, and to intercept emerging trends in terms of products, services and brands. Particular attention will be paid to catering, which represents an opportunity for growth and consolidation for a destination with the characteristics of Porte di Mestre “, where numerous offices and professional studios gravitate, not to mention the Angelo hospital which rises beyond beyond the railway line. The logistical situation is, in fact, one of the main strengths of the commercial sector on which we are aiming for the relaunch announced for the second half of next year.

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