Very heavy alert of the Civil Protection for Thunderstorms, Storms and Wind; regions at risk »

Weather: Very heavy alert of the Civil Protection for Thunderstorms, Storms and Wind; regions at risk

National civil protection alert A large area of ​​low pressure affects central-northern Europe, causing intense southwestern humid currents at high altitude which, crossing the central-western Mediterranean, will affect central-northern Italy today, and will extend to part of the south tomorrow. Therefore a marked instability is expected, with showers and thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, first on the northern regions and on Tuscany, rapidly extending to the central ones and part of the southern ones, especially on the Tyrrhenian side.

On the basis of the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Protection in agreement with the regions involved – which are responsible for activating the civil protection systems in the territories concerned – has issued a further warning of adverse weather conditions which integrates and extends the previous one. The weather phenomena, impacting on the various areas of the country, could determine hydrogeological and hydraulic criticalities which are reported, in a national summary, in the national criticality and alert bulletin which can be consulted on the Department’s website (

The notice foresees from today’s evening, Saturday 24 September, scattered to diffuse rainfall, also of a reverse or thunderstorm character, on Lazio, especially on the coastal and southern sectors, in extension to Campania, Abruzzo, Molise and northern Puglia. In addition, from the early hours of tomorrow, Sunday 25 September, scattered to diffuse rainfall is expected, even with a downpour or thunderstorm, on Friuli Venezia Giulia and, from the morning, the phenomena, accompanied by strong showers, frequent electrical activity , local hailstorms and strong gusts of wind, will persist even on Umbria and Marche.

On the basis of the expected and ongoing phenomena, an orange alert was assessed for tomorrow, Sunday 25 September, on Lazio, Molise, Tuscany and Campania and the yellow alert in Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Marche , Molise, Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Puglia, Veneto and Sardinia.

The meteorological framework and the criticalities forecast for Italy is updated daily on the basis of new forecasts and the evolution of phenomena, and is available on the website of the Department of Civil Protection (, together with the general rules of behavior to be taken in case of bad weather. The information on the regional alert levels, on the specific criticalities that could affect the individual territories and on the prevention actions adopted are managed by the territorial civil protection structures, in contact with which the Department will monitor the evolution of the situation.

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