Very high bills, watch out for these appliances: they consume even when turned off

Very high bills: watch out for these appliances that consume even in off mode. Here’s what they are: they are unsuspected.

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Electricity bills have risen dramatically in the post-pandemic period. Household appliances are among the main culprits that have a decisive impact on the cost of electricity. If we think that switching off an appliance can allow a net saving in the bill, we are very wrong.

There are appliances that consume and affect the electricity bill even if they are turned off. To really save money, it is necessary to pay close attention to certain household appliances, whose consumption has an impact on the environment and on the electricity bill.

Inflation and electricity bills: the increases continue

There inflationary spiral it has caused continuous increases in the prices of basic necessities, including petrol, raw materials and the shopping cart, as well as the cost of energy and gas. Despite the indemnities and bonuses provided by the Draghi government, many Italians are unable to make it to the end of the month.

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very high bills household appliance turned off –

According to the data published byArera in the last year the expenditure for a family has undergone an increase of 91% compared to a year ago. Between causes which affect the increase in bills is the increase in energy demand in the post-Covid period, reduced storage, geopolitical tensions, the use of natural gas to produce electricity, a winter season with very cold temperatures , the increase in the costs of offsetting CO2 emissions and the increase in costs for the transport and management of the meter.

To affect the costs of electricity bills there are household appliances, which even when switched off consume and impact on the electricity bill. What appliances do they consume even if in off mode? Let’s find out below.

Electricity bills: which appliances do they consume even in off mode?

To save on electricity bills we often tend to turn off appliances that consume too much, with the exception of the fridge and freezer. However, there are some appliances that consume even if they are in off mode.

There television that we turn off with the remote control remains in stand-by mode and this leads to an increase in costs in the electricity bill. To save costs, the TV should be turned off completely.

high bills
very high bills household appliance turned off –

There coffee machine in preheating mode with the off button it consumes about 100 watts / h. The good advice is to unplug the coffee machine from the power.

When we go to sleep we often leave the mobile phone in charge: this is a bad habit that has an impact on your electricity bills. Therefore, it is good to charge it during the day.

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