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Starting today October 27, 2022 Very Mobile is also offering online Very 9.99 300 Gigathe new offer dedicated to Halloween and made up of minutes, SMS and 300 Giga of data traffic every month. The Very 9.99 300 Giga offer can be activated also for some already Very Mobile customers.

In the operator’s physical stores, as told by MondoMobileWeb, Very 9.99 300 Giga was launched on 24 October 2022, both for new Very Mobile customers who activate a new mobile number and for those who require portability from certain specific operators.

For a few days, the new offer was therefore only available in stores, while now it is possible to activate it online too (here is the direct link).

What it includes and how to activate Very 9.99 300 Giga

With the new Very 9.99 300 Giga, in detail are expected unlimited minutes to all national landline and mobile network numbers, Unlimited SMS to all national numbers e 300 Giga of monthly data traffic on the 4G network with up to 30 Mbps for both download and upload, all at the cost of 9.99 euros per month.

As with the other Very Mobile operator attack offers, online the activation cost and the SIM cost are both freeincluding shipping.

As for the target customers, as in physical stores it is possible to activate a new number than to carry out the portability by some specific operators.

According to what is reported on the Very website, the complete list of the operators of origin is as follows: Iliad, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, FastwebLycamobile, BT Enìa, BT Italia, CMLink, Daily Telecom Mobile, Digi Mobil, Enegan, Feder Mobile, Green Telecomunicazioni, Intermatica, Noitel, NTmobile, Optima, Ovunque Mobile, Plink, Plintron, Rabona Mobile, 1Mobile, Telmekom, Tiscali, Vianova, NV Mobile and WithU.

Although online it was launched a few days later than in stores, also in this case the new offer with 300 Giga will remain available until November 2, 2022.

Except for any extensions or changes, new customers will therefore be able to activate them only for a week, during the Halloween period.

Monthly renewal and other traffic details

With the Very Mobile offers, the monthly costs are charged on residual creditwith the possibility of activating the Automatic Top-up service at any time.

In case of insufficient credit for payment, the offer is suspended until a sufficient recharge is made to cover the monthly cost. In any case, to avoid immediately the suspension of the offer, the customer can activate the free service of Automatic rechargedirectly from the operator’s app.

Very 9.99 300 Giga includes on-call services at no additional cost I’ve looked for you And RingMeas well as the service hotspot. The activation of paid services, on the other hand, is blocked by default (with the possibility of unlocking via the official app).

In case yes exhaust all Giga of data traffic included in the offer, internet browsing is blocked until the next renewal. In this case, the customer can carry out the renewal in advance at the normal monthly costin order to have the entire bundle available again.

Finally, as regards the Roaming in the countries of the European Union (and for now also in the United Kingdom), in this case the minutes and SMS are valid at no additional cost, while for data traffic there is a maximum limit of 9.1 Giga per monthvalid until December 31, 2023 (subject to changes).

If the customer exceeds this monthly threshold, the pay-as-you-go price of 0.219 euro cents for each Megabyte, charged per Kilobyte.

Support network and further info

Very Mobile is a prepaid rechargeable service of the telephone operator Wind Tre SpA (CK Hutchison group). As mentioned, it is in fact the WindTre’s second consumer brandoperator from which it exploits the network in 4G as far as 30 Mbps both in download and upload.

With the Very offers, on compatible devices on the operator’s official list, customers can take advantage of the VoLTE service.

It is also specified that in the online sales channel, unlike in the shops, the operator also makes available the eSIM format and initiative “Very Surprise (Very al Volo)”.

As told, in the section “Manage offer“Of the Very Mobile app, some already customers of the operator were able to activate the new offer with 300 Giga already in September 2022, before it was marketed for new customers.

Since it was a technical error, the offer was removed from the app only a few hours later.

Now, with the launch for new customers on the occasion of Halloween, Very Mobile has decided to open the Very 9.99 300 Giga offer also to its already customers who have an offer with a bundle and a lower monthly price.

Very 9.99 300 Giga can also be activated for some existing customers

Existing Very Mobile customers, to check if the new offer can be activated, must go to the section “Offer” Very Mobile official app and click on “Manage offer”.

If the existing Very Mobile customer can activate the new offer and accept the offer change, the cost of the first month in advance of the new bundle is immediately deducted from the remaining credit and the new offer is activated immediately. irreversibly replacing the previous one.

If the remaining credit of the SIM is not sufficient, it is necessary to top up before proceeding with the offer change. It is also specified that any residual Giga of the previous offer are not accumulated with those of the new one.

Change the activation fee on other new number offers

From 27 October 2022, subject to changes, for new Very Mobile customers who purchase a new rechargeable sim online with a dedicated offer (except Very 9.99 300 Giga) to those who activate only a new number without a simultaneous request for portability, it is foreseen the activation cost of € 1.99.

The activation cost is in promotion at 0 euro for those who choose to activate Very 9.99 300 Giga even with a new number.

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