Via masks, vaccination obligation and fines for No vax: this is how the Meloni government cancels the emergency rules

The Meloni government is ready to to delete the fines ai No vax. By renouncing the collection of one million and 800 thousand euros for the penalties imposed on those who have circumvented the vaccination obligation. But from November 1st, the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci it will also remove the masks in the hospitals and in Rsa, as well as in clinics and diagnostic centers. That is the only places where they still were mandatory. The vaccination obligation in force until December 31st it will not be renewed. While at work, the obligation to wear a mask may remain in force for colleagues who do not respect the safety distance. A decision will be made on this November 4th. “Today the disease is completely different than it once was. And so we are making sure that there can be a return to greater liberalization, ”he said yesterday Schillaci.

The four measures

The government is also thinking about appointing a super consultant to work alongside the minister on strategies and investments. And fine-tune a floor for mechanical ventilation in schools, public offices and buses. To block the spread of the virus even without the protection of the masks. Meanwhile, he moves for the four measures that cancel the rules of the Coronavirus emergency:

  • from the November 1st the obligation to wear masks in hospitals and RSA will automatically expire and will not be renewed;
  • A provision will be included in the Aid decree to cancel the fines for non-vaccinated people over 50 who have not immunized by June 15;
  • the obligation for health workers expires on December 31st; it will not be renewed;
  • on private work a decision is awaited for November 4th.

In the majority, let it be known today The Republic, there are also those who press to immediately block the vaccination obligation. Meanwhile, the Orders and the Local Health Authorities are firm in the identification and sanctioning procedures for those who do not vaccinate. Blocking the suspensions would allow doctors sanctioned in the meantime to return to work immediately. On the Green pass, defended by the current minister in recent months, there is still the obligation of presentation in health facilities. But now no one asks anymore.

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