Viaplay will broadcast KSW galas in Poland and 9 other countries. Details

The first KSW gala on the Viaplay platform will be KSW 65, which will take place on December 18. During this event, Poland’s Mamed Khalidow (balance 35-7-2) will defend his championship belt in middleweight against Croatian Roberto “Robocop” Soldic (19-3-0), one of the most promising European MMA fighters.

The same evening, Daniel Torres (12-4-0) and Salahdine Parnasse (15-1-1) will face the KSW featherweight championship in a rematch. The next duels will be confirmed soon. Viaplay and KSW will also collaborate on the development path of talents representing the Viaplay markets, including their participation in KSW galas.

All events will be available in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands as part of the regular Viaplay subscription including sports. In Poland, broadcasts from KSW Viaplay will be enriched with a premium studio during the gala and a commentary in Polish.

– Next year, the number of our events will increase, the composition of our team and the number of European territories where KSW will be easily accessible will also expand. Cooperation with Viaplay gives us new opportunities and will positively influence the further development of the NSS. This is an important moment in the history of the Federation, which underlines our commitment to the development of the organization. I am excited to start this partnership and look forward to welcoming KSW fans, new and old, to Viaplay, starting on December 18 and the KSW 65 gala, emphasizes KSW co-owner Martin Lewandowski.

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