Victoria Ruffo’s tortuous treatment to gain mobility and avoid surgery

Victoria Ruffo needs a wheelchair to move from one location to another at the airport.  (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Victoria Ruffo requested the use of a wheelchair to travel from one location to another at the airport. (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

In real life, Victoria Ruffo also lives a melodrama. Just as the characters in the novel go through difficult times, the actress also suffers from health issues, It avoids surgery with painful treatment.

He was arrested in July 2023 at Mexico City International Airport while in a wheelchair. Her ex-partner Eugenio Derbez questioned the need to use the car to transport himself after he noticed her in a little dance move she shared on Instagram.

Seven months after being arrested like this, Ruffo reiterated that he suffered from lumbar and cervical hernias, which prevented him from standing for long periods of time. Following medical advice, he underwent a tortuous course of treatment aimed at ruling out potentially risky surgery. These were the consequences of a fall from a horse in his youth and other falls combined with poor posture.

“It was a torture bed like the ones used before (by the Inquisition). They open your hips and take an hour. They put something else around your neck to pull it. Each lasts one hour. It’s a treatment that lasts 40 sessions,” he told the outlet.

Victoria Ruffo attends the premiere of Victoria Ruffo attends the premiere of

Victoria Ruffo attends the premiere of “El Roomie”. (Photo by Adrian Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

After these sessions, you will get a break. However, the distance of the treatment often affects you when you have to travel long distances or have to stand for several minutes; Hips, Pain in the legs and neck that cannot be precisely relieved by medication.

The 61-year-old actress made the decision not to go into the operating room again. His doctor suggested trying the “Ask the Bed” therapy because the pain episodes were temporary, Therefore, treatment can be gradual, but at a certain time the pain starts to become permanent, which is currently unforeseen.

Despite the torture of opening your hips and stretching your neck, Ruffo is happy and optimistic about the treatment. Considering the results he saw physically, he said he loved it. He believed this method could overcome the ravages of a hernia without the use of a scalpel.

Let Cynthia Cribb escape from her mistakes

Recently, Cynthia Klitbo caused discomfort among the elderly population who need to use wheelchairs at airports to move from one place to another. According to the actress, These people do a very “sneaky” job to avoid queuing to get in and scrutinize the queue.

“It’s too bad that you’re a walking old man asking for a wheelchair and then blowing up the whole line.” he said in a video shared on social media.

In response, The offended adult let him know that some people have physical illnesses that force them to use chairs, and it’s not due to laziness. Some users shared issues that troubled their parents or grandparents and blamed Klitbo’s comments, unaware of what some men and women were suffering from.

Victoria Ruffo is one of those who uses a wheelchair due to lumbar and cervical hernia pain: “I suddenly walked a lot at the airport. Sometimes I can’t and when my body stops, I use a (wheelchair) chair. “

Take Rufu as an example, One of the consequences of the health problems you face is sudden physical inability to move after a period of leg function, Tired limbs need support to move from one point to another, in addition to relieving pain in the buttocks.

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