Video: Again? Ana Bárbara Causes Furor With Dress Without Intimate Clothes

Ana Bárbara

The singer and actress Ana Bárbara caused a stir in social networks for a video where she presumes a sensual dress with a pair of necklines, which wasted sensuality

Great surprise caused  Ana Bárbara in social networks, who a few weeks ago celebrated her 49th birthday, wearing a black dress, which had a large neckline that left very little to the imagination.

But in my mind I hear the noise of people and you live inside my heart … “, the famous woman wrote.

In the video shared on her Instagram account you can see the famous walk in a corridor towards the camera, drawing the attention of her fans through the side openings that let him see that she was not wearing underwear, or at least that is the impression that gives.

This is not the first time that Esmeralda Ugalde’s sister wears dresses of this type since a few months ago she also impacted with a dress with transparencies that showed an incredible chest cleavage which made the illusion that she wore nothing below.

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