video.Eduardo Velastegui criticizes the appointment of Xocitol Galvez as front de facto candidate

Eduardo Velastegui The founder of the organization Viva Mexico, who has threatened to run for president as an independent, He criticized Broadfront’s internal processes after the PRI endorsed Socitol Galvez.

“The same as always, doing more of the same,” he posted on social networks, in which images of Socitor Galvez, Alejandro ‘Alito’ Moreno, Marco Cortez, Beatriz Paredes and Jorge Castañeda It’s reflected.

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In the video it says: “They are the same and they are doing the same things.

End the video with “It’s not the same as usual”.

you have to remember that Eduardo Velastegui has been one of the main critics of Xocitol Galvez’s presidential ambitions. Against positions such as being pro-abortion and having a progressive profile.

And it was Eduardo Velastegui who promoted an ultra-conservative policy and publicly expressed his rejection of abortion.

Even after Xochitol Galvez announced that he would run for office, Velastegui released a video in which he asserted that “PAN is dead” in favor of the senator.

“The parasite of power, They killed PAN with a 666 caliber Xóchitl model shotgun… Today, that party and Morena are exactly the same,” he asserts in the video when criticizing Xocitol Galvez.

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