VIDEO Gerard Pique is still humiliated by Shakira fans! He replies and gets angry

If things seem to have calmed down between Gerard Pique and Shakira, the resentment of the fans of the Colombian singer is tenacious. Present for an event, the former footballer drew the wrath of the crowd, who had clearly chosen the camp of his ex!

Since June 2022, the life of Gerard Piqué and Shakira has completely changed and today, the two former lovers no longer share anything, except custody of their two boys, Sasha (10 years old) and Milan (8 years). For her part, the 46-year-old singer made the decision to leave Barcelona, ​​​​where the couple had been living for more than 10 years, to go live in Miami, Florida. If she is discreet about her private life, he would have started a romance with another very famous sportsman, the English pilot Lewis Hamilton.

For his part, Gerard Pique is not too worried either. After announcing his retirement from football, the 36-year-old sportsman multiplies the projects as the perfect businessman he has become. Shortly after his separation, he also found love in the arms of the beautiful Clara Chia, a pretty 23-year-old blonde. Rumors also say that they would have started their relationship before his separation with the bomba latina. Enough to infuriate Shakira fans, who are generally hostile when they meet the former footballer. Present for a big event a few days ago, the Catalan was able to realize that the latter still have a hard tooth for him. As he stands at the microphone in front of a large crowd, the spectators begin to chant “Shakira! Shakira!”Many times.

Gerard Pique furious, responds to the public

Definitely pissed off by this…

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