Video: Impressive battle between fans after Inter Miami’s classification

Violence knows no borders and was demonstrated again this Sunday. The man in the shirt of the Argentinian national team put up a fierce battle in front of other fans. That happened with access to one of the stands at FC Dallas Stadium, where Lionel Messi once again exhibited and Leonardo Campana and Dixon Arroyo helped Inter Miami reach the League’s Cup quarter-finals.

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media. Although the video is less than 10 seconds, you can see how the four people fight fiercely while hitting their fists.

The reason for the quarrel and the schedule have not been clarified, but from what I saw, Everything seems to point to what happened after Gerardo Martino’s side won 5-3 on penalties. After tying the score 4-4 in 90 minutes, they beat FC Dallas.

Series of fights and viral videos

One of the attackers immediately caught the user’s attention with his outfit. He was wearing Lionel Messi’s number 10 Albiceleste shirt. When he got into a fight with a fan, Another subject joined the fight and tried to separate themHowever, he did not succeed. A woman stopped him by slapping him in the face repeatedly.

As you can see in the image that has been viewed over 100,000 times on social networks, nothing happened during that 8 second recording at least. Security Operations Officers Trying to Discourage Violence. No fans approached with the intention of tearing them away, but several cellphone cameras captured the action.

The final moments of that shoot also show the three men falling to the floor in a simulated wrestling shot.I hear them too Variety of shouts reflecting high levels of aggression It lived at the Texas Club facility. Will there be sanctions?

inter miami July 8, 2023

A brutal fight between fans after the Lionel Messi vs. Lionel Messi match at Inter Miami. FC Dallas

Tension in the stands and pitch: Inter Miami recover in time to eliminate FC Dallas from the League Cup

In a perfect match, Inter Miami were able to recover in time, beating FC Dallas 5-3 after a 4-4 draw in 90 minutes on penalties.Gerardo Martino’s team took the lead in the 6th minute of the first half In a goal with a very Blaugrana seal: center behind Jordi Alba on defining Lionel MessiJust like they did during their great times in Barcelona.

After the first 30 minutes, Facundo Quinon, former River and San Lorenzo, found equality in a local team that excelled on the pitch. And by the end of the first 45 minutes, Bernard Camungo puts the Texan in a 2-1 advantage.

After returning to the locker room with a partial loss, things got even worse for the Florida team. The situation was complicated by Alan Velasco’s goal, which appeared in Boca’s sights during training at Independiente. 2 minutes later Benjamín Cremaschi, a young man born in America who chose Argentina For the sake of his parents, he gave that illusion back to those in pink at a discount.

Messi, the game after the goal. Messi, the game after the goal.

The match didn’t last long as Robert Taylor put the ball into the opposition’s goal in the 68th minute to end the match 4-2. The feeling of irrevocable defeat continued until FC Dallas’ Marco Farfán scored, allowing Inter Miami to win. Close the distance. In this way the result was maintained until he was 5 minutes from the end. Lionel Messi reappears with an amazing free-kick shot And forced a penalty shootout.

Already in this definition example, the Tata team won the penalty shootout 5-3. The home team missed one and the visiting team made five perfect shots. Well, in the League Cup, we have already advanced to the quarter-finals, Inter Miami await team to win duel between Charlotte FC and Houston Dynamowill be played this Monday at 11:00 pm (Argentina time).

Leo's excitement ended the match.Leo’s emotions ended the match.
VIDEO: Campana scores the penalty as Inter Miami go through the round

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VIDEO: Campana scores the penalty as Inter Miami go through the round

A great game, Messi's Inter Miami reach the quarter-finals on penalties with Arroyo and Campana

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A great game, Messi’s Inter Miami reach the quarter-finals on penalties with Arroyo and Campana

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